The Groom Was Arrested Right In The Wedding, The Bride Cried Out Of Tears Chasing, The Reason Why Public Opinion

When the wedding is going on, the police suddenly appeared, stormed in controlling the groom and pressed the British tour of the rumor, despite the prayer of the bride. It was so married to be one of the happiest event life But it becomes the sad day of this couple. Accordingly, when the bride and groom are held a wedding in the town of El Guabo, El Oro, south of Ecuador, in the blessing of guests and the two families, the local police suddenly appeared and Arresting the groom.00: 00/00: 25 Clip shared on the social network shows, do not wait until the wedding ends, the police have rushed into the groom control. They took him from the flower car down and reflected to the police car and gave it to the rumor

. The job was too unexpected, causing the guests to be surprised, confused and angry. Suddenly, the wedding becomes extremely chaotic. The bristle is pressed by the police to the car, bringing it to the rumor
When he saw the groom arrested, the bride continuously shouted to ask the police to let him go but futile. Seeing the police car carrying the groom away, the bride immediately chased, while running while crying. Later, the bride on another car, clinging to the police car about rumors. According to some sources of information, the groom used to have an affair with another woman and the two had some children with Every two people broke up, but because of being the father of the children, he was responsible for sending a monthly child support. However, the groom owed child support for a few months now and this may be the reason why he was "invited" by the police to interrogate his irresponsibility. The groom was arrested. The job after being posted quickly attracted the attention of public opinion with many opposes. Some people criticized the groom did not fulfill their father's responsibility, others were injured in place of the bride, arguing that the police were too strict when destroying such a marriage. Some commenters: "Responding to anyone now, blaming themselves. There is money to get married but why not have money to support me "," love the bride too
Why can't the police wait until the marriage ended "," he remarked such endings. A such irresponsible man is not worth it to get a husband. "

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