The Group Of Students Who Create Electronics To Bring Vietnamese Farm Products To The International Market

A business entrepreneent in the seed cycle named Agriz founded by RMIT students, creating an electronic port to bring Vietnamese farmers closer to domestic buyers as well as internationally 09: 00/3: 30 namba domain students of business and governance, RMIT University in Vietnam including Lac Tu Chau, Ha Tuan Nghiep and Le Khac Yen Nhi has started a year ago with the desire to support the country's agricultural industry. The international market, through the transformation and restructuring of the domestic market. Group of three students of RMIT University have developed an electronic gate to bring Vietnamese agricultural products close to domestic and international buyers. Currently, this port is being completed. The difficulties are difficult but both buyers and suppliers face in the process of finding agricultural products to meet domestic and international standards, Lac Tu Chau students, founders Agribiz has been determined to build a database for Vietnam's spearhead agricultural products

. "Through our electronic gate, buyers can easily access and check product farming data - these Basic information for the stage of buying raw materials before they conduct transactions ", Lac Tuzhou explains how to operate the electronic gate. Baczhou also believes that Agriz also offers benefits for farmers Vietnam because they can access more global customers: "Our electronic gates bring economic benefits to both domestic and international businesses, units looking for raw materials , because it will help them reduce the price of new suppliers ". According to the group's analysis, to achieve this, farmers need to comply with the guidance of cultivation Strictly to meet the requirements of potential markets, such as the process of practicing good agricultural production GAP for foreign markets and VietGAP with the domestic market
This will help gradually change the face of the overall standard of Vietnamese agricultural products. "I dreamed of rice day is no longer the country's most export agricultural products, but also other fruits," students Lac Tu Chau shares. Currently, Agribiz focuses on building a mango database from the southwest region because "this product has gained global GAP standards and has a data entry base." Expected. The product line and in the future will put Blockchain in to increase the power for the electronic gate. The electronic gateway connecting Vietnamese agricultural products with domestic and foreign markets is expected to go into operation first to explore user response, before meeting potential investors, people with joint venture towards the group Development.Agriz is one of the 5 teams that achieve the highest call results of the recent Ninja Accelerator competition in Ho Chi Minh City. This is a startup support project under the Japanese Cooperation Program of JICA International Cooperation Agency. The startup accelerator program to create a social impact in Vietnam by focusing on durable development goals United Nations is expected to last 11 weeks, then turned into nearly a year of efforts and provided the best opportunity to develop themselves for each member of the group. Founder Agriz and a student Business (International Business) Le Khac Yen Nhi shared that, although the journey is full but it is really worth it because she and his colleagues have learned valuable lessons from the main way
Brave to embark on. "Besides knowledge of professional knowledge and knowledge closely with the actual accumulation from the training program, I have valuable skills like time management, working under pressure , or how to communicate effectively and persuade when preaching in front of investors ", Le Khac Yen Nhi said. With Member Ha Tuan Industry, Ivory Students Business Nh (Supply Chain Management and Logistics), Join Agriz is an opportunity to learn how to build a business model, talk to investors and how to ask them and how to ask them and how To call capital for businesses starting a business. Currently, the group is expected to access cooperatives to collect daily data from farming activities to get rich for the data set, and gradually Expand the product catalog.

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