The Hard-ending Image Of The First-year Vietnamese Game Made Tencent And Riot To Lean Their Heads

Although there are many products built and developed by the big players of the world game like Tencent and Riot still cannot win this original Vietnamese mobile game.0: 00/2: 29 men can be at the moment 111dots Studio decided to develop FREE FIRE 4 years ago, I couldn't expect the day my mental child could grow brilliantly as today. Although FREE FIRE now is no longer a product like the original 111dots studio that has been more flashy, many things have to talk more in Garena's hand, but do not deny the original Vietnamese game of this game. If there is no 111dots studio then there will probably don't have a Fire of Garena like today. That can be another game, or none

. The idea of FREE FIRE in phase 111dots Studio decided to build this game, simply because of the big fever of Battle Royale (survival) In the 2017 period. It was the golden age of Public Publ and this is also the origin of the global survival fever, from the PC platform to mobile. If the PC at that time there are Publ, Apex Legends
.., Mobile There are Rules of Survival, Fortnite and later are Publ Public Mobile. FREE FIRE was so small compared to Tencent's power with the spirit of Public Mobile, nothing compared to the Rules of Survival with the coins that Netease poured into. But the turning point until Garena acquired this game And the Free Fire variable becomes a global survival game on a mobile platform. From ideas to create a unique-style existence like a simple gameplay with no jerking guns, gentle graphics to skin changes, lifting gun power or creating character classes, each There is a different skill set ... has created a free Fire shape completely different from the rest. It has made free Fire success in many markets like Brazil, India and contemp So in Vietnam
Where to randomly random this game often in the top 10 games with the highest revenue monthly and sign contracts in cooperation with the whole world blockbuster like Ronaldo? Of course, Free Fire is now no longer product like As early, the day that 111dots studio limits the amount of people into login. Anyhow, the two-year-consuming products in Esports Awards also defeated Calls of Duty Mobile, Publing Mobile, Mobile Federation and recently alliance: Speed. Although many people said that eSports Awards is not a prestigious award. However, the successful dismissal of Free Fire as 1 billion google play downloads, billions of dollars revenue ... maybe Vietnamese gamers are too much to the point ... "denying cleanliness" lost.

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