The Harsh Situation I Practice In The Field Of Insurance Consultants

After 10 years of consulting, and serving more than 3,000 customers participating in insurance, Ms. Tran Thi Sen achieved many dreaming achievements - many honored in the highest position at Prudential. Through many ups and downs, despite any role, Sen when sharing about the profession still retains enthusiasm and passion as the early days. It seems that challenges or harsh situations in the process of doing jobs are to practice so I - a Bravery Insurance Administrator, a manager of Ta Ba.0: 00/5: 48 Nam Song Remove the safe zone to challenge any motivation to urge you to become a insurance consultant? In 2011, I also worked at home

. At that time I had a stable income, the work was less pressure. My family owns the insurance contract, but the truth, at the beginning, I participated in knowing if my family needed a coverage to protect but I didn't understand the rules and benefits. After that, I suggested and supported by my family counselor to explain, helping me learn more about my insurance contracts as well as insurance industry in general
When I understood, I saw this to be a meaningful and engaging job, I decided to try my strength. Because of the industry, she met many challenges. How did you overcome? The time to transfer to insurance, I did a garment for 14 years. With this profession, customers automatically go home, come to me when they need it. But when I became a insurance consultant, I had to actively search for customers, must be more dynamic and flexible. I had to accept and determined to step out of my "safe area". When I determined the mind, I put my strength to learn and develop skills, learn from you first to be able to integrate with a new job in the fastest way. At that time, the value of the contract was big or small, I also told myself to try to complete the responsibility because the most important thing was to create a cohesion, trust from customers. In the past 10 years, I have never never Now regretted to embark on this job. I just mentioned how I was always healthy to be able to follow the profession longer, to serve and bring about protection for more customers
Trần Thi Sen always mood to help customers understand values and reach IMPORTANT OF INSURANCE Many people have a not very sympathetic look with insurance. As an excellent business manager, do you have any advice for your team? Many times I have encountered awkward cases with customers. I experienced the experience of "chasing" customers, refusing to talk when he came to advise his wife to participate in insurance. But this journey also has no little touching moments. It was the husband "chased" I was actively found, asked me to advise after his wife had a health event. Important of the insurance is often recognized by the customer when there is unfortunate thing happen. Because of this, I urged me to persevere in my work to help customers understand enough of insurance's value. When I first entered the profession, I strive to learn and determine that if I don't do well Learn, find out where I don't do it yet to fix it. The success of his brothers and sisters also inspired me a lot to be recognized and could be proud to be more proud of, supporting customers. Holding the full commitment to accompany customers Brilliant achievements, with 5 times to reach the highest title in the celebration of honor in Prudential. What is the motivation to take you to success? Harmony is to urge counselors to become better versions of yourself through every day, every month, every year. Not only is the prosperity when standing on the podium honor, what makes me happy and the more motivation is that thousands of our customers can be assured, confident to share with others that " My case is an excellent advisor of Prudential. "Sen Lu 5 times reached Queen Prudential - the most noble title in the glorious ceremony of Prudential to be actively grown - but it must also go hand With a lot of competition, new challenges for you at work? Right - There are now many life insurance companies participating in the Vietnamese market, different from the time I started the journey His with Prudential. This helps many people have access to more protection solutions, but also why the quality of counselors' service quality is more and more comparable and evaluated. This is also a pressure for me. He has built a certain reputation, I find yourself to do better to maintain trust. This requires consistent spiritual spirit and specific actions to express their interest in customers. I always maintain visit regular customers. I also have a handbook to record special occasions to send your gratitude or create special surprises to customers. This action is not big, but helps me

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