The Heart Of The 8-year-old Boy’s Circumstanced Orphans, Lack Of Motherhood

Growing up has lacked the love of his mother's care, now orphaned, he had to reurred thanks to his intestines, the 8-year-old boy lived miserable dates. That is the situation of Nguyen Quang Thuy (SN 2013), Thai Son commune (Do Luong) .0: 00/3: 01 Late Southern South, Late, Boy Nguyen Quang Thuy is taking the straw to help me for buffaloes to eat. Uncle Nguyen Quang Hien (Bottom of Thuy) in Xom 6, Thai Son Commune, Do Luong said: Thuy is very good, outside school hours also helped Uncle blanket and scan home. Since his parents divorced, two dads were in a level 4 house in the church campus made by a grandmother

. Nguyen Quang Thuy (SN 2013), just lack of motherhood, now lost his father. Photo: Library's CTV Nghe Thuy is Mr. Nguyen Quang Tam (SN 1978) Living for children with farming, going fishing, but not enough to eat, 8 years of rooster scenes alone raising children, life is always miserable
Recently in September 2021, once he went to the fish out outside the unfortunately died of death. After Mr. Nguyen Quang Tam lost, raising, taking care of Nguyen Quang Thuy's shoulders on the shoulder Nguyen Quang Show. But the family shows the circumstances filled with scenes, suffering, with the first son of Martyrs Nguyen Quang Son, working in the National Defense Economic Group 337 in 2021 with mountainouss buried in Quang Tri. The second child is Mr. Nguyen Quang Lam also suffering from femoral tumors, weak health. Hoang Van Co, Vice Chairman of Thai Son Commune People's Committee (Do Luong) on the left and Mr. Nguyen Quang Hien (wearing hat) At Nguyen Quang Thuy. Photo: Hai An Body Mr. Nguyen Quang Hien suffered a heavy disc herniation, his wife Nguyen Thi Phuc suffered heart disease, the whole family had to regularly travel to healing
While income only knows based on farming, livestock so life is difficult. Samples, because I love you from your child who suffered disadvantages, lack of love, so everyone in his family shows On the extinguisher to add income for small children, life is difficult, harder now this husband is more miserable. Share with us, Mr. Nguyen Quang Hien ponds: My husband and weak, sister Fear of having a day inadequate to work, Thuy will know how to live. The situation of Nguyen Quang Thuy's circumstances, in the past few days the village village also joined hands to support, visit Nguyen Quang Thuy very well, outside school hours also helped Uncle blanket and scan home. In the photo: Thuy's grandson is taking straw for buffaloes to eat. Photo: Hai Anong Hoang Van Co - Vice Chairman of Thai Son Commune People's Committee (Do Luong) said: The circumstances of Nguyen Quang Thuy are very pitiful, I'm too small, the pain lacks mother, orphan father is too endurance. In the short term, the locality will be responsible for helping, creating the most favorable conditions for their children to go to school and enjoy the state preferential policies regimes according to regulations. Son launched households in the commune to support him in the same spirit, mutual affection, which is the driving force to help Uncle Nguyen Gia Quang Hien and League overcome difficult days ahead. In the long run, Hypocritical houses widely held their arms to help Nguyen Quang Thuy so that they were to eat, becoming a useful person for society. , joining hands to help Nguyen Quang Thuy overcome this situation with this situation. Help please send to Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuc (Mr. Nguyen Quang Hien's wife) in Xom 6, Thai Son Commune, Do Luong District, Nghe An. Account: 1048 692 296 76 Vietnam Industrial and Commercial Bank (Vietinbank). Or contact Mr. Nguyen Quang Hien. Phone number: 03866 20239; Hai An

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