The Highest Country In The World Is Dwarse

The tallest population in the world is the lower Low, with the height of men and women born in 2001 lower than 1 cm and 1.4 cm compared to people born in 1980.0: 00/2: 05 Southern Statistics of the Netherlands and the National Public Health Institute analyzed the height of 719,000 people born in the Netherlands between 19 and 60. The two agencies used average height at the age of 19 The standard measure, CNN reported on September 19, though the Dutch height increased over the past 100 years, the study showed that men born in 2001 were less than 1 cm compared to people born in 1980. For women, the difference is more clearly 1

.4 cm. The birth system in 1980 could be the highest generation ever with outstanding growth height. Dutchman Holland was born in 1980 The average height was 183
9 cm, 8.3 cm higher than the person born in 1930. Women born in 1980 were 170.7 cm high, compared to the height of 165.4 cm of 1930. The highest in the world is the Netherlands is a day G Low. Photo: New York Times. The researchers explain height decreased in part of immigration factor from lower population groups. However, the growth rate height also decreases with individuals There are parents who are born in the Netherlands, and for those who have foreign grandparents are Dutch. Men's height in unprecedented family history does not increase, while women are lower than that, experts emphasize the Dutch not to lose the world's highest national title
The average height of the 19-year-old male in the Netherlands is 182.9 cm, while the same age female is 169.3 cm. In many years, the researchers have tried to find out why the Dutch people are high. so. Some show that they can be due to natural selection, the tall people produce more children, their high genetic genetics. The prize for height phenomenon is declining, some previous studies indicate Do the Netherlands focus more on plant-based diets, or due to the stability of "environmental factors promoting growth" .Phuong Linh

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