The Highest Paying Income In Vietnam Is Still Missing People

In Vietnam, no high-pay work has enough people to do. Even the profession also lacks serious personnel. One of those high-pay jobs is to identify and categorize gender chicks. This work is very important in the livestock industry but very few people are attached to this profession. Photo: VietnamNet according to the purpose of raising eggs or taking meat, which farms will separate different vacant / roof rates

. Photo: Internet This workman can earn 1 - 2 million VND / day. High expertise can also earn hundreds of millions 1 month. Photo: People of Vietnamese people who have taken about 1,200 chicks can be classified about 1,200 chicks
Photo: VietNamNet high income but very few people do this job. Because many farmers have been long-term but have yet to distinguish exactly the sex. Photo: People of Vietnam More, the job may have to sit for a dozen hours, in the condition of the hot incubator, the smell of chicken feces. Photo: Vietnamese people classify chicken sex, coconut flower massage is also a high income job but always lacks people doing. Photo: VietNamNet Mission of this job is that coconut cotton massage helps stimulate biliary secretions to collect confidential devices. Photo: Can Tho newspaper regularly takes place 2 times / day early in the early morning and late afternoon - the time is cool because if the weather is hot, coconut nectar will be fermented. Photo: Tien Phong Each coconut cotton for 25 liters of fresh coconut coconuts for 25 days. Every year, the collection of fresh coconut coconut from a tree will give people from 2-2.5 million dong. Photo: Vietnamese people, the average revenue of a coconut garden every month is about 500 million dong
Photo: Nongthonhatinh is course, not everyone does this hard work. The amount of honey is dependent on the technique of coconut cotton massage. Photo: People VietVideo: Pilot, attractive but is it easy? Source: VTV24Hoang Minh

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