The Highest Price Of Sjc Gold Is Nearly 57.9 Million / Tael

The domestic gold price stood still after the rising session in a row since the beginning of the week, the highest gold pieces of SJC 57.87 million dong / tael. The world gold price decreased slightly last night, in the context of other investment channels such as securities, bonds started.0: 00/1: 56 south of Saigon Gemstone Gold Company, Golden SJC is at the level 57.15 - 57

.87 million dong / tael (buy - sell). 9999 SJC gold rings at 50.6 - 51
45 million dong / tael, remained unlike the previous session. Phu Quy Company listed SJC gold pieces at 57.25 - 57.75 million dong / tael (buy Entering - sold), remained unlike the previous session. 999.9 smooth round rings have remained unchanged 50.7 - 51.4 million dong / tael. Ha Noi, Doji Gemstone Gold Group listed gold pieces at 56.85 - 57
75 million VND / tael (buying in - Sell), remain. The difference of buying - selling is 900,000 VND / tael. The most gold price in the PNJ system is reduced in this morning. Gold SJC pieces in Hanoi PNJ recorded a reduction of VND 170,000 / tael in buying. Gold piece SJC currently listed 57.1 - 57.76 million VND / tael (buying - selling). October 8 (Vietnam time), the world gold price is at 1,758 USD / ounce, slightly increased After a drop of 8 USD / ounce (VND 180,000) last night. US stocks and bond yields simultaneously launched negative dynamics to the precious metal market. The price of gold "held breath" before the announcement of important economic data of the US. On the market, on the morning of October 8, the State Bank listed the USD central exchange rate at 23,165 VND, down VND 5 Compared to the previous session. At Vietcombank (Head Office), the USD price was listed at VND 22,630 - 22,860 VND / USD to buy - sold, remained in the previous session.

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