The Horse ‘doctor’ Has ‘miracles’ To Help Patients With Pain And Happiness

Peyo and British Bouchakour are a member of Les Sabots du Coeur, the therapeutic organization - where scientists study the ability to soothe the sickness of the horse. We may have been familiar with the dogs Will, have you ever heard of therapists? If not, please meet Pueyo, this 15-year-old male horse spent the whole day to comfort, elect your cancer patients close to the end of life in the Calais Hospital in France. Train to attend horse riding performances. However, Peyo's owner Hassen Bouchakour quickly realized that the horse was not suitable for this job. After performances, PEYO often approached the crowd of the audience and followed some of them

. It was once Bouchakour took the Peyo horse (14 years) from Dijon city eastern France to participate in a program about Animal therapy. He found that his horse was often attracted to people with disabilities, it was very good at making the patient feel happy. Fasting the special horses, Hassen Bouchakour decided to cooperate with a team The therapeutic function named Les Sabots du Coeur so Pepo can pursue his passion
Since then Peyo goes to the hospital as a friend with the patient, becoming a therapeutic horse that is very loved by everyone. Usually POYO will be visited by local hospitals for about 2 times a month. It sounds a bit lost when leaving a horse walking into the hospital, but it is actually Pueyo has to go through a lot of disinfection and clean baths before contacting the patient. When I entered in the hospital, Peyo Be free to go anywhere you want. Instinctively, when Poyo recognized the patient to take care of, he would stand in front of the disease room and raised one leg. But the surprise was Pueyo often entered the room of the most severe patients, many cases The patient is waiting to vent the last breath. And when Peyo just need to stand near, the patient will immediately feel this horse right away. A silent type of communication between Peyo and patients took place, everyone even cried when he had the presence of uncle.Bouchakour said: "I am with you but let Poyo do what it wants. The horse decided itself
What makes scientists interested by Poyo's appearance seems to make patients with no need for painkillers. It also helps them go to be more serenient. "For patients with Nan Y disease, POYO has brought joy and happiness in the last dates of this life. Sometimes, the presence of this horse can Which partly esotheses the pain due to abused disease, helping patients use less painkillers. POYO brings an energy source to accompany patients and families to help them overcome pain, find Seeing peace in the last days of life. "Patients with or angry and agitation suddenly became calm. Patients who don't want to walk again begin to walk. People who do not want to talk suddenly Character. Some older women even went to the hair salon on the day before Poyo came so they looked the best. The medical staff called it a miracle, "the doctor at the hospital said. Since the beginning of his therapeutic career, PEYO has supported more than 1,000 people at Calais Hospital. Not only helping patients, PEYO is also a companion to stick closely I owner.

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