The Hotpot Of The Indigenous Indigenous Peoples, Guests ‘afraid To Cry’

The cow stool hotpot is a dish that many people listen to their names and don't mention it. However, it is considered a premium specialties for Guizhou people, China.This food is given the name "Cow stool hotpot" by color and "heavy smell" taste like waste Ring. The raw material to make this hotpot is an absorbent stomach with the North and Aromatherapy drugs, so there is a unique flavor featured. To cook this horror hotpot is not simple but requires the processor The variable must be extremely good and delicate

. This is the famous dish of Taizhou people, in the Southeast of Guizhou Province. Before slaughtering cow, people will feed the fresh grass with herbs. After crawling was surgery, the foods that have not been digested in the stomach and the cow will be removed, thereby squeezing the special liquid
Usually fluid from the small intestine will be more bitter than from the stomach. When processed, people often add cow to spices, all put into the pot, boil away from fire and enjoy. In the folk, it is often until the new Lunar New Lunar New Year to make this special hotpot and relatives fall in the cold weather at the beginning of the year. The upper translation must be taken from healthy cows and be carefully boiled to prevent infectious diseases as well as malicious parasites. Therefore, diners when eating "cow stool hotpot" will also choose ranges and names to enjoy the incense from the "cow stool hotpot" with bitter taste, when eating will also have a medicine. Depending on the taste of another reality, it is possible to reduce the flavor in the hot pot but it is difficult to lose the characteristic of the cow stool hotpot. Eastern medical is like 5 pinch bone and piercing the frame, so when eating will be fragrant. Usually the attached people will be eating and hinging the water in the pot, but for non-familiar people, it is difficult to swallow. According to the owner of a "cow stool hotpot", this dish is very good for the digestive system. The owner remembers a legend asked by his father, a resident in Guizhou was constantly unziped diarrhea, stomach pain and was cured everywhere but the disease still failed
However, eating this hotpot several times, the diarrhea immediately disappears. Making "cow stool hotpot" is alkaline (Guizhan people) in the Southeast region of the province to be transmitted from thousands of years ago. Enjoy this dish described, hotpot water before boiling up with rotten grass. When eating, people give more beef and other ingredients into the pot, now the taste turns into a characteristic cow dung. Photo: It video monitoring readers "All Vietnamese delicacies suddenly collected only with their fingertips". Source: VTV24.

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