The Husband Deliberately Forgotten To Try His Wife And Went To His House To Use Only A Small Way He Broke Out The Problem He Was Wrong

Remember, the man loves you honestly will be extremely trusted, never hesitated, challenge your wife.0: 00/3: 37 Normal men, men will want to be told , protect the woman they love unconditionally. However, there are also many husbands who live too pragmatic, doubtful to gradually appear evaliation to their wives. They feared that the woman was hiding something, creating a sense of precaution. In that situation, if the couple did not resolve it, it would make the relationship down very quickly

. The supermarket with her husband but the commune did not withdraw my wallet to try my wife, I did not have a career Based entirely on the commune. At that time, she was also pregnant with the first baby so chose to stay at home because even if the job would be difficult to get. The economic husband's economy is quite good, her husband's salary is enough to raise the whole family
However, Ly did not accept safe and relying on the same commune. Illustration. "The end of the period and I also tougher, I send your baby to the grandparents to take care of. At that time 27 years old, there are many future futures. What to say, but I also graduated with college, so I am confident to ask for a job. Finally after a bit of strenuousness, it can find a place like Italy, the salary is quite good, solid Because of the time is not strict because of a small child. From the day I went to work, her husband began to consider, more uncomfortable. Much is when I or share knowledge, learn online, exchange with copper karma. My husband is criticized that his wife only knows the job without paying attention to the family. He did not talk to the goodwill tone but hooked a matter of money, like: 'Going to work more money than her husband ! '
Basic basis hid her husband income because he didn't want him to roll "- Ly. The best point once, husband and wife and the supermarket, both choose a lot of things. Ly still normally didn't think of anything because of the supermarket together, her husband also led the payment card. Then that day he didn't lure, to forget his wallet at home but still remained in him. Ly was nine-faced by an embarrassing phase at the cashier, he had to take his personal card to sweat. That day the couple went to shop for 5 million dong.When two people came home, her husband said sarcally: "Now not pay for one day I know how rich my wife is! Who is hidden with me? " After listening, the glass is very shocked and seeing the wife's way, causing the wife to make the opponent to be tangled for Thally to do anything wrong, so in the heart of the warmth. But if she silently ignored, she was definitely not to recover. The important thing for a woman in this situation is bravery and calm. Going to the house, the cup does not cook rice, told her husband to process the items while going to the supermarket and eating themselves. "I took my own money to call food. Over 1 week later, I still Continuing such a habit, it is absolutely no motionless to the money. Usually every day, he will leave a little money to the wife to go to the market, but now the money is still on the cabinet, and what are you ignored. I am also stubborn, the first few days are still in love. But when I was about to go back to my house, I was tangled apart for my wife. The couple didn't talk to each other . He only knew eating porridge market rice, the supermarket to buy the supermarket "- Ly shared. Credit his mistake, her husband understands the importance of his wife. Mrs. Xa Anh went to work a job with a stable income, but still had to worth more than "unpaid" housewife. So enough to see the sacrifice of his wife for this family. Just because doubting his wife wanted on her husband and liked to show the elegant, the new man behaved lake. Women do not forget, there is a stable career that will help you always hold a good position in marriage . At the same time, you have to prove my husband to see your importance, so that he always loves and for his wife.n.h

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