The Husband Is Too Deserted To Be In Her Own Mother Who Is Still Caught About The Rice

My husband was happy but I responded to my mother-in-law straightened: 'Who eats him, whoever has a house. I am a strawberry, not Sin'.0: 00/4: 09 namngay from the love of each other about the debut I knew the lover's sister was too deserted. But the occasion thought she went to married, I was about to be a strawberry, sometimes the new Tet holiday, at that time, trying to hold on each other was finished. Postponed for her

. It's not one time I came to play, she and her husband also played. After that, my brother-in-law was in advance because of an appointment. When I was about to leave, my boyfriend's sister to make up the speaker was losing the line
But I am the one who naved lunch in her room to pocket. I swore not to touch the bag but she still said: "Then the cord has his legs to run away. Holding it, it's not done with this child. " Even the next few days she still texted me while I didn't take it. At that time, it was thought of canceling the wedding because of that so how did it be about a house. "I don't accept it, calculating it from your baby to be in the afternoon, so I don't know right." (Artwork) May I have finally call the boyfriend to say that the chain is because the brother-in-law of his wife is sold. Oh I breathe a sigh of relief, but my sister still doesn't have a sorry for me, you don't think: "I don't handle it, calculate it from your baby, so I don't know right wrong "Added us to get married, but it was exactly 1 month, my sister carried suitcase with a child for more than 1 year old. Husband of the batch of debt, so the creditor came to claim and threatened, she decided to separate. Someone who loved her, especially my mother-in-law
However, about the whole week but she was only at home to sleep and surf the phone, but didn't go to die. She is working and arbitrarily quitting the job, not that people chase. Drinking it and let me move, the rice is also I cooked, to my child's diaper instead of it. . My mother looks at me and goes to the market to buy a lot of things about telling me to eat for her daughter to eat: - It's very hard, I have to replenish it again. - But just staying at home, take money? The boy, while his father was like that, his husband's house wasn't thanks .- The grandparents with his uncle must stand out a stretcher. Husband it was so miserable, now arresting it to make money to make money, why do I think? My mother-in-law is funny and unreasonable but I don't dare to argue. At that time I also got into pregnant, elected the first months of my severe months, kept vomiting all, fearing all the smell of rice but I still have no cook, I have to cook. Right 10 times, I should tell my husband: - I'm too busy, I'm at home without busy, I have to cook my meal. - I have to look at my son. - The guy had she looked. - If you feel Seeing the hard rice, then Mai Mom My Son was worried, and this house ignored her. So was from the next day she called the food outside. After eating it everywhere I have to move everywhere, my mother-in-law buys the cooking clothes to call how she doesn't eat: - Mother for your daughter-in-law of your mother to eat, but you're going here Cling to dare to eat. - It does what you do, who dares to give me a child to eat. Go to her husband's house, but I have a husband to cook rice. Going to married, the house must be a husband's house. - That's why she didn't go back to her husband's house. - Mother's mother, she chased me, what does she have to chase my mother? I went to you. - You ... What do you have to chase my child? I flee. I can't say anything about crying and husbands in the middle of my wife and my sister don't know what to do. But that night I was decided, nothing had to go separately but this could not live. Okay, like it, it will still have to go to the cleaning water here. (Artwork) The next morning I would like to permission from my mother-in-law: - My mysterious time does not go far away, the company is 15 km from the house so I ask my mother to go out to go outside the house to go to work For convenience .- Ah, the two wife and sisters now ask for themselves. "My husband is out or not with him, I think because of your children so I have to do that. - Okay, like it She still had to go to the rice rice to clean here. My husband was happy but I responded straight: - Who eats him cook, who is a person who cleans. I am a strawberry, not the sin. The suitcase pulls the suitcase to call a taxi always, the husband follows or not I don't care. I have to think for me and I have, here are not sure if my mother's mother must go to emergency.

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