The Husband Suffered Two Twins But Different From His Father, The More Choking When He Heard The Doctor Explained

The greader, Mr. Cheng feels 2 of his twin daughters are not the same. This makes him feel doubted.02 / 2: 28 South regions, no doubt, their children are parental treasures. Immediately after birth, I received an infinite attention and love from the family

. The twins often have the same father, with his mother. But have you ever heard the twins with my mother, other father? It is not a nurse bug where the nurse is a mistake by his wife.Anh Cheng, currently living in Guangxi, China has many years working in Europe
On the back of his homeland, he was termitically family for Ms. Li, a young woman, quite beautiful. Both dating a short time and rushed to get married. Immediately after the day of marriage, Ms. Li was pregnant with a boy, a girl. Knowing this, the whole family Cheng was very pleased. However, when the two girls grew up, Mr. Cheng felt suspicious because the two children looked differently, especially the bigger girls who looked like You at all. Mr. Cheng stealthily tested his father-in-law and discovered the truth
One of the two daughters did not have a bloody relationship with him. His wife was very frightened at the time. She went to him to the hospital to verify the incident. However, the doctor talked about other twins who could happen. The doctor said: "These two children are twins. His wife has sex with other men within 48 hours after after Relationship with you. She can't deny this. "When listening to the doctor explained, Ms. Li had nothing to deny anymore. She admitted, after the wedding with Mr. Cheng, she remained back and forth with her first love. They kept in touch for a long time. The next day, Mr. Chang filed a divorce although Li was very miserable, asking him forgiving but Mr. Cheng did not respond. Cheng thought women could date anyone before getting married. But after marriage, they must respect their husbands and marriages. So his wife's mistake is unforgivable. So how are the other twins who have been formed? 1. The mother's body produces 2 eggs when a mother who is about to ovulate, her body randomly produces 2 eggs, usually just a fruit. 2 eggs combined with 2 sperm will form 2 coordination. In the case of a twin pregnancy, there are 2 eggs that are fertilized simultaneously or 2 days apart. In this way, two children can be born without dad 2. 2 eggs are fertilized near the moment together this means the woman having sex with two men within 24 to 48 hours. This leads to the twins who do not have the same father. Huynh Trang / according to Sohu

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