The Husband Translated The Message In The ‘strange Language’, Making The Wife Crazy For Studying A Lifetime With 24 Letters And Still Had A Fooled Day

Listen to the explanation immediately !!! 0: 00/1: 05 NAM NAM NOW, on Tiktok A girl posted a video about her husband's conversation with the brothers. In the clip can be seen, the conversation is used by the brother's association with all sticker and icon. He gives the woman's sisters to expand real eyes. When the wife asked the meaning of each image The husband explained the following: "Is it there? Is there anything. I do it? New? The lion is at home

. There are 4 guys with 2 children. I wait. Leave the lion
"Message uses all icons and sticker. Photo: Tiktok @ Korean. In the clip of the wife, he was extremely angry when he heard his husband's explanations. Quick videos get the attention of the network community. Many people saw the creativity of this brother's association so it was the top. What's doing anything, I can't go through my sisters.

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