The Husband Was Paralyzed But I Was Still Taking Care Of 2 Years, So That In That Terrible Night I Had To Hug The Dress In Midland At Night

That night I moved, took me to my mother's house, decided to leave her husband.0: 00/2: 13 nam2 years ago my husband had a serious accident. He was lucky to retain the lives but the legs were seriously hurt, wanted to go, they had to use a wheelchair. After the accident, I just went to make money to raise the whole family, teach 2 children and Cham Lo for her husband. I have never thought to leave you all

. The spouse a day should also mean and difficult to suffer from each other. For the past two years I always tried to take care of your best, never doing something with her husband outside. You must think that I appreciate and grate for me? I also thought my sacrifices and strenuousness will be recognized, I suspected all the opposite of complete
2 years, all the pressure on the shoulder, so I have to endure erratic temperament Husband changes due to accidents. Nothing but every day he grumbled compassion made me extremely tired. He often cursed his wife very unjustly, just because of the jealousy of the miscellaneous. Then I moved my child to my mother's house, decided to leave her husband. (Artwork) The pressure weighs heavily on the shoulders of both physical and spiritual makes me skinny fiber with little vitality. I often have to go to the Water Transmission Institute if I'm not exhausted. But honestly never thought of divorce. Because I'm worried if I leave you, my husband will not know who to do it against, he only has the old parents. To that night I increased the CA late, both tired, but I was called to the book Enough thing. Have you never asked me to be tired, alone worthy of doing things hard or not? Straighten the cup of hot water on my face
He told me how hot water how to drink. The nose, wet clothes, in my heart in helplessness and bored off rise to the point. I wonder what you have to endure this? Maybe from now until the end of life I have to live life is like that? That night I have moved, bringing me to your mother's house, deciding to leave her husband. The next few days informed me with the silver with british dancing when it was difficult to spread everywhere. Who is a news, in addition to my husband's house and he? My parents didn't say anything but I knew the grandparents were very embarrassed to everyone when the daughter was talking. Should I determine divorce or return to life with your husband to get pure public opinion? According to Giang Giang / Fatherland newspaper

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