The Inconvenient Points That Electric Cars Have Suffered

Electric cars are trends but besides also contain complete defects.0 of: 00/1: 44 South Vietnam, electric car prices are quite expensive compared to gas car prices. High cost also caused consumers to go down to the money. Tesla always cost $ 50,000 or more. The reason for the size of the tram market is not large and Tesla is the leader that the leader is the default to the car

. But if it is too powerful, consumers can still choose electric vehicles based on the existing frame of gasoline At quite reasonable prices. For example, the Hyundai Kona electricity costs 27,950 USD, only more expensive than the Hyundai Kona gasoline has $ 7,000. However, people will face the feeling of surprising driving on the tram
Although electric cars accelerate very fast with great static but most can not be equal to gas cars for driving feelings. Because electric cars are quite heavy because the electric battery occupies a large area right on the floor, the car should lead to a sweetened crab as well as creating the heavyness during the process of running. Other uncomfortable cars that bring to the main owners Is struggling to find charging points. The network charging is quite good in large cities but when traveling far worrying to seek charging points becomes a headache problem. On the otherwise, the gasoline car just ran into the gas station and takes a few minutes to load fuel and spoiled Vi Vu.Thì electric vehicle makes users easily stuck to wait for the charger if the electric car charging points are full of cars The previous area is charging. In addition, the waiting time for all energy to charge the car also makes the driver easy to get mad. In addition, the driver always thinks of charging electric vehicles such as charging. It is charging anytime anywhere if you don't want to run out the battery between the road. The energy-based line is in the battery that always causes anxiety for electric car owners
Just imagine, afraid of the phone out of battery when you have a folding job, the electric car is similar. Meaning whether it is filled with the battery, sometimes not reach the destination as planned because the road distance is limited to the battery.

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