The Instability Of Electronic Money Will Make People Come Back With Gold

President of a gold-operated enterprise commenting on investors will return to gold after witnessing the major fluctuations of electronic money. HERE CNBC interviewed Mr. Jake Klein, Chairman of EVOLUTION Gold Mining Company Mining. Jake said that a huge speculative cash flow still exists in the electronic money market. "Bitcoin still has a long way in front, before it shows the sustainability and safety that gold brings to the houses Investing in the past 70 years

. I think the volatility of electronic money will eventually lead to people coming back to gold, "he spoken .song, in contrast to the views that Bitcoin electronic money caused Out the threat to precious metals, Mr. Klein said that both types of assets can coexist with Dalio, director of Bridgewater Associates Protection Fund and own a bitcoin, once said in early August: "If you put the gun at my head and say I can only have a kind, I will choose gold
" Many optimistic investors consider Bitcoin as digital gold and is a safe shelter for inflation, Hope electronic money will increase the price over time.Tyler Winklevoss, founder of Winklevoss Capital Management (USA) as well as Gemini Electronics Transaction Floor, said in year n That bitcoin is gold 2.0 and it will occupy the position of gold in the future. The perspective, in April, the billionaire Kevin O'Leary even said that Bitcoin electronic money will always be gold and ethereum will Always silver. Vy / by CNBC

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