The Journey Confirms The Most Successful Sports Car Brand Of Porsche In Vietnam

More than 13 years presented and developed in the Vietnamese market, Porsche still maintains a typical philosophy and value that helps to form the brand that is the class cars and strategies to take customers as a key .0: 00/4: 39 Southern Vietnamese German car brand name Porsche arrived in Vietnam in 2007 with the first showroom located in Ho Chi Minh City. At the initial moment in a completely new market with Porsche, sales are also quite modest with less than 10 vehicles. 2015 was the first year that the company sold more than 200 units. In the following years, sales constantly grew positively and reached an average of 300-400 vehicles / year

. The product of Porsche with a series of PoproSche sports cars currently provides Vietnamese markets Sports include: Legendary 911, motor sports car set between 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman, Panamera Saloon Car, SUV Cayenne, compact SUV Macan car. "Star" appeared in Porsche's strip of products for Vietnamese customers is a completely powerful Taycan-free car with an impressive moving road 460 km in one charge. This is a model that marks Porsche Vietnam's strong and fast transformation when determined to market a completely electrical vehicle, in line with strategic orientation but still ensures full sports characteristics Pride of the company
The German Tien Phong car signaled the car fully operated by Porsche Taycan to Vietnam. More than 13 years of development and affirming the position is the most successful high-end sports car brand in town Vietnam School, Porsche must have its own secret to bring Porsche cars closer to many Vietnamese consumers. However, according to Mr. Andreas Klingler - Porsche General Director of Vietnam, the number is not the most important but instead of maintaining the brand value of Porsche.hai the characteristic value that helps to form the Porsche brand That is the class sports cars and after-sales service worthy of the brand. Porsche Vietnam also does not separate that core value but always maintains, preserves, promoting and bringing Porsche to become one of the standards of the automotive industry in Vietnam. The most classic sports cars, unique Infinite to any Porsche model, customers feel clearly the level, luxury and excited emotions. Each Porsche's car is always very well studied at its factories In Germany before being released 911 - Porsche's symbolic car of its engineers always spend all his experience and time to produce the most perfect cars. Therefore every car is always emotional, the core values from the strength and external appearance of the brand throughout the historical length. Personalization is also attached to the German car company when allowing buyers Join the design process to create a car according to your liking
In Vietnam, many customers are ready to wait for months to own their dream cars. Unlimited personalization skills are one of the key factors that make the difference of Porsche, depending on Requirements and preferences of each customer that every car is a unique individual with a variety of exterior paint color options, from standard colors, needle colors, special colors to options "Color-to-sample". Service worthy of branding with attractive sports cars, perfect service is also the value of Porsche Vietnam always executed. With Porsche, customers only come back when they are satisfied with after-sales service. The first car could be sold thanks to the salesman but the next car was sold surely by after-sales service. So in Porsche, after-sales service plays an extremely important role. The team of professional technical experts bring peace of mind for customers.Porsche in Vietnam currently developed strongly with two strategic centers, regulations Large tissue in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Besides, Porsche Studio - destinations with a living style, to expand the presence of the brand in urban centers, have also been officially present in Hanoi from the beginning of 2021. The most large and modern Sai Gon Porsche Center in Vietnam has just come into operation, including showroom displays up to 20 models, office workshops, shell body repair workshops and public engineering workshops High-tech, Staff training center, large-scale car park in both basement and floor of the building. In particular, to improve the experiences of customers, Porsche Center also fully meet the technical facilities for pure electric vehicles, starting with Porsche Taycan.Trung Porsche new Saigon with facilities Modern, advanced customer experience for the present time, this is the first complex project in the automotive industry in Vietnam to receive LEED Gold standard certification. with the system of display centers, The service factory meets the standard

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