The Joy Of Breaking In The End Of The Epidemic

Receiving the wife twin twin two boys in the time I was in the same team to strengthen the prevention of Covid-19 epidemic at the facility, joy and happiness like burst with Shenshut Nguyen Thanh Tung, officer security guards Internal politics, Public Security Son La.0: 00/3: 25 Southern countriesRelike days ... Lieutenant Nguyen Thanh Tung and wife meet on a long-term business trip in a border district of Son La province and love Loving budding from there

. By 2017, both of one house. The young couple, newly established, difficult enough, but both motivate each other try to live and work, then a future Mai will be better if they really know the free time, He calls his wife's health and two small children. Everything becomes immense when he suddenly a day of the couple receives the news both it is difficult to have children
Once again, the husband and wife encouraged each other to continue to live well for the couple, because the "charm" was intended to "only when he didn't give them together, he broke up another" - Lieutenant Tung Tam The desire has a child to hold the house for funny houses, adding more love and happiness, many times, the two spouses went to find a physician to treat all different types of methods from East to West , but every hope to gradually become hopeless. More than 4 years long quietly, many times when the couple wanted to stop that journey, but a day of December 2020, his wife and wife suddenly received pregnant news pair. Happiness does not describe the profit ... The days of pregnant women, Lieutenant Tung always tries to enable free time to take care of his wife, helping their wives home jobs because he knows when he is pregnant, she is very hard. The joy of the appeals before the complex movement of Covid-19 epidemic in Son La province, especially in Phu Yen district, the number of F0 CA records to hundreds of cases, on August 24, 2021, the provincial police Son La decided to enhance the officers of soldiers as a duty against epidemic in Phu Yen district. Lieutenant Nguyen Thanh Tung is one of the officials and soldiers who are cut into this first line. Still knowing less than a month of his wife will be giving birth, but understood the work of the police soldiers, relatives in the family and the young wife also encouraged him to go to the road on duty. lifetime when the father is going to carry out the task at the first level of epidemic epidemic
These days, Lieutenant Tung is duty in Muong Khai commune, Phu Yen district - the locality is applying social ways to follow instructions 16 of the Prime Minister, when the past time has discovered 1 cases of Covid-19 outside the community. Your mission became more difficult, strenuous, while ensuring prevention and control of epidemics, and ensuring order and order at quarantine. Even so, he always enlisted his free time to call to ask his wife's health situation, as well as two cu cu in the womb in the last days of pregnancy. On September 5, received the news of his wife born 2 boys "Mother round, square", happiness like Breaking with Sung Lieutenant, every tired of him also dissipates ... like other teammates - those with sick parents, or have a unexpected family in the family Unable to return because the soldier's duty unfinished, many days ago, Lieutenant Nguyen Thanh Tung only watched his wife and two through the phone screen and thanks to the diary of the package of having fun. "For the first time, I wish every day. I also love my wife because I can't stay close to my wife to welcome your two sons. But I believe, my wife and children will understand, the task of the soldier The first end of the epidemic is today, "Lieutenant Tung shares. The time is absorbed to go away, the clock has a 0h score, Lieutenant Nguyen Thanh Tung and the teammen started. The rain suddenly the closure came. Episle, hard, but they have been trying hard, doing and nights and sunshine, tensioning, tents, working at the latch, contributing to a smallest day to the nearest day with the whole country Pandemic, bringing a peaceful life to everyone, every house ./. CTV Cao Thien, Trung Hieu / VOV-Northwest

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