The Jumps Of ‘garbage Queen’ ‘zhang Yin

The Daily Telegraph said that Ms. Zhang 'success was a breakthrough for women in China'.0: 00/7: 37nam south of Zhang was the first female billionaire in China and was One of the richest female billionaires in the world. However, different from other billionaires get assets thanks to inheritance, Zhang comes with a modest platform. Now, she became a dominant transaction on paper through his giant companies, one in Hong Kong and one in Los Angeles

. Knowledge news changes the destiny with the capital capital with background The "Family Family", Zhang Yin is known as a state-built businesswoman from 0. Accordingly, the Chinese billionaire was born in 1957 in a town near the city of Kanton (Guangzhou) , China. Zhang Yin is the sister of seven children in a poor family, father is a military officer, mother is a state worker
Since childhood, Zhang Yin understands the importance of money. In a rare interview, she used to share: "The lack of material when she was young, causing me to understand the importance of the currency. My parents always teaches the children to know by their own legs." . "Garbage Queen" Zhang Yin. Fence Zhang Yin always believes that knowledge changes destiny. After completing the University, she was accounting in a joint venture with a high income and moved to the coastal city south of Shenzhen and worked for a joint venture paper trading company between China and abroad. During a visit to Hong Kong, see the potential of the scrap industry, Zhang believes that this industry has a great prospect. After careful consideration, she decided to quit her job to start a business. Zhang invested venture into Hong Kong but the paper market here was too small compared to her ambition
Only with 3,800 USD meager saving for many years, Zhang Yin and her husband decided to do business. While the majority of the billionaires and the Chinese giants flasked from trade or real estate business, Zhang Yin was particularly admired when she was enriched from the manufacturing sector. And furthermore the product has brought billions of dollars to Zhang Yin as a paper product. First, she hired an old warehouse as a place to be purchased from households and companies and classifications Resale for paper plants. Ms. Zhang Yin also focused on producing packaging paper which is a type of product that is easy to consume large volumes. Sharing on the early days of starting business, Ms. Zhang said: "We have to endure talented difficulties It is, deception of partners and the threat from the local merchant ". Using all the old paper sources in place, but Zhang Yin cannot provide enough for bunches more and more orders. Zhang Yin worries a lot. Getting the trust of customers, having many customers is very precious, but she is not enough to serve. So Zhang Yin thought immediately to enter the scrap paper, old paper from abroad to sell to paper plants. The visionary visionaries have moved to Los Angeles in the 1990s and married the second with Liu Ming Chung, a Taiwanese dentist growing up in Brazil and is very fluent in English. Along with the husband who is the Chinese who lives in the US for many years, Zhang Yin has groped to find sources of paper, waste paper here. Zhang Yin, was now a sophisticated expert on paper classification and valuation. She was too happy to find the "gold mine" of the paper in the US. That is the mass of paper cover, paper boxes, packaging paper that commercial companies have discharged. In 1990, Zhang Yin founded the South American company based in Los Angeles. In 1995, Cuu Long Paper Company was founded by Zhang Yin and mastering spectacular growth. Within a few years, Zhang Yin became a famous old paper collection agent of Hong Kong. The higher the economic development, the higher the paper demand, the profit gained by the older paper owner of the old paper. In 1990, Zhang Yin founded the South American Field Company based in Los Angeles. The billionaire revealed, squash Her success is to look far away: "It is forecasted that the market in front of competitors is a secret to help us become a leader." After the following Zhang Yin, the more focus on production of strains Various paper type. Cuu Long's paper is not only used in the industry but also used in activities. Zhang Yin is no longer as a general agent who specializes in buying a scrap paper but started to celebrate as a named industrial manufacturer in Hong Kong and throughout China. About the business, female billionaire once divided A memories, "I remember having a man told me that the source of waste paper was like a forest. Recyclable paper, from this generation through another generation ". Engraved, and then she pursued used paper recycling industry for the past 20 years. After 10 years from opening the factory directly producing paper and packaging, so far Zhang Yin has more than 10 large production facilities specializing in paper and cartons. The total number of workers who are working for Cuu Long Company are more than 5,000 people bringing D

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