The ‘junk’ Car From The Soviet Union Can Still Wade Ice Through A 2m Deep Water Ditch

Gaz-69 is a famous legendary model of the old Soviet Union produced in 1973 still executing quite well and the ability to wade is still very 'vong'.00: 00/00: 48: Caters Clipstrong Video is recorded , Alexander LitvincuK, 32, driving a 48-year-old SUV crossing a ditch 2 m deep. This is the Soviet Gaz 69 that was produced in 1973. It was known that Russian Gaz 69 was produced at GAZ Factory (Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod) in the years from 1953-1954. From 1955-1972, the car was produced by UAZ

. Thien today, to find a premium Gaz 69 also stabilized as stable as "groping the bottom of the tank", but for Soviet car lovers in general and Gaz brands in particular, nothing can do them balk. All are calculated by time and money.Phan Nguyen

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