The Key Of Success In Securities Investment: Control This, You Can Limit The Risk, Seize The Opportunity!

The stock market has many risks. The stock price list is probably familiar with many people, but to get rich in this market, you need more than analytical and evaluation skills. If the risk control is not good? Many, the earnings are just losses. You don't only lose money but also take a valuable time, even regret to the end of your life. Successful securities investors must control the following: Control risks of stock trading, control Risk is to know the exact time to carry out transactions: One is certain to be profitable, the two is evaluated as expected or exceeding the expectation

. Certain investment must be The body is firmly in the hands of actively controlling risks, absolutely not entrusting the risk for the market. When recognizing adverse signs, regardless of whether it is lost or not, don't wait until it outbreaks, but Or immediately handle risks. Don't wait until the market indicates the new error to fix it, then you are prepared to be excreted
So before trading on the stock market, need to consider all The possibility of happening, finding countermeasures. In the transaction process, certainly to note your consciousness, do not lose direction. You always need to control yourself, know what you should do. Investors cannot autonomy, then certainly failure. But unfortunately many trading people cannot be aware of this problem. Be sensitive to the opportunity is in the shortest time, reducing the lowest level of risks, grasping profits biggest. This means you spend at least but collecting what I want to have most. The key to seize the opportunity is to understand and understand the best factors in the market. There is a method, you need to learn how to wait for your trading opportunity, not waiting for "blessings" from the market. Want to invest successfully, need to remove the habit of sitting waiting for losses into interest
Otherwise, it will soon have one day the losses will "kick" you out of the market. The most difficult thing in the transaction is still the investment manager. There are a few people when entering the predetermined market as failure, because they are committed to violating the basic principle of victory - managing money. Investment management is the most difficult skill that many investors ignore when entering the market. The most important thing is the most important in securities investment, the most important thing is the delivery Translation must understand the most important issue with me. The market situation is something you cannot control, you can only control yourself, control your consciousness and behavior. The stock market is fierce, especially for people affected Of emotional, vulnerable to "noise" by information. There are 3 human emotions that greatly affect the trading efficiency on the stock market: greed, afraid, challenge. - Greedy and hope to match Looking together, causing people to lose patience, hurriedly opened guns, giving themselves right, not act against the principle, the result is usually losses. And finally died in greed. - Fear caused human feelings to stress, insecure, causing people to lack patience, rushed to avoid, unable to make victory. Finally feared to ruin, uncontrollable behavioral transactions. - The challenge that investors cannot be steadfast with his trust, the big victory becomes a small victory, wins become holes, small holes become Large holes, eventually buried. When you acknowledge the existence of greed, fears and challenges, then can focus on objective rules. Peacefulness, eyes do not see talents, know enough to stop, the road ahead is also less relieved. When investing, has set their own rules, do not violate. Only respect your rules, your heart can be relieved and fun. But most people are not patient enough, to be greedy and fears to shake, resulting in losses. To be successful on the stock floor is absolutely not easy, you have to go through a very path Long, have to learn a little, do a little, understand a little, progress a bit. Failure and suffering are your best teacher. Really for investors, the mind is extremely important. The number of teachers and players in the stock market emphasize the importance of Tam Thai In transactions. How to have the best Thai trading? Is the pink ceiling and heartless heart? Is to overcome weaknesses, maintain reason? Or is the heart like water, calm opposite? In fact, no matter how hard you can't eliminate the negativeness of the mind. A successful securities investor is not only a person who earns money but also a person who can control the affected by the mind to emotions, objectivity, calm before every decision.When adapted with these Mind negative, accept existence C

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