The Key To Help You Work Successfully During The Disease

There are many doors opportunities to help us participate in the new economy in the episodes of the episodes of 200:00 / 4: 58 South regions to avoid strong spread disease in the community, many countries around the world and Vietnam have been implemented. Command the social way of socialization. How much "anyone, in Yen" will cause inconvenience in life as housewife cannot go to the market to choose each vegetable, fish to cook for the meal family Delicious, children are missing knowledge because they cannot go to school ..

. but the current reality shows the opposite. With the support of today's advanced technology, people can still satisfy living needs Everyday through the phone app .
. This is not new, it has formed and grown since many years ago, but until now only really explodes, creating trends throughout the globe. From there, the world economists named the new economy as homebody economy (homebody economy), ie only serving people who don't want to leave the house half a step, through the interns ET and Phone Application ... There are many doors the opportunity to help us participate in the home economy, and they are expanding to welcome all. But the door successful, on the contrary, the capital was less heavy, not anyone who could open it. Want to open the door successfully, you need to hold this gold key in hand! Enter is a freelancer, you will have to catch the common work of the customer company. As a factor in the economy located home, you will have to immerse yourself in the general flow of the trend and meet the increasingly diverse needs of "God" .
. Here are some secrets to help you quickly draw Enter with everyone, capture the job quickly: 1. The initiative to make friends with everyone on the social network, texting to get used to when it shaking hands on it is not surprised, shy.2. Learn workflows, ask for requirements and prepare main and preventive options. This helps you become professional, scoring plus in the eyes of customers.3. Invite a relative in the project group is working in the field you are about to commit to drink coffee, lunch together; Since then learn more underground rules, which has not been mentioned in work email ... 4. Prepare a greeting curtain, launched a majestic and impressive ... working group an equally important factor in creating success and associated with the integration and mentioned above is the teamwork skills . Many people mistakenly believe that when joining the economy lying home, I only battle a horse body; But in fact, you have to work with quite a lot of people and the frequency of cooperation is quite frequent ... If you don't want to "burden team" or feel abandoned, you should immediately equip the team work skills The following version: 1. Focusing on listening when others are sharing ideas and sincerely listen when others comment ... 2. Job organization skills are not only necessary for leaders that any member in the group should also have ... 3. Respect is how to help you can go far without being angry. Enhancing mounting is not only at work but also to append yourself after hours ... multitasking in jobs in work (Multitask) is a new concept to be born, only people can join At taking on many different jobs to meet the increasing demand of society, as well as to catch up with the flexibility in the current industry structure ... want multitasking without multi-melancholy, you need to equip a The following skills: 1. Identifying your main strengths / work and adding related subsyrying skills / work to resonate them, you will get US results. Constantly learning and training in many different areas so that it is necessary to be applied to actual work.3. Arrange jobs in a scientific way, doing so, you are not "overwhelmed" before the deadline of the surface. Dem to the new breeze Create is not too complicated as everyone or thinking, just do you refresh, do other doing Separate compared to the old things, it is enough to reach the standard. Created is can learn and below are the great moves that you should try to apply: 1. Nourishing ideas by reading books, listening to music, watching movies ... or doing anything that reminds you of inspiration, imagination, leading you to a "land" that you never know.2. Test and play more with ideas. Don't put heavy stories right because creativity has no limit and reasonable measurement, only suitable or inappropriate. Constantly ask questions about things that happen around you in life, including the most "crazy" questions. 4. Always keep the mind eager and curious about the world. Personal branding has a lot of ways to build a personal brand on social networks, depending on the needs and skills of each person. In short, please note the following points: 1. Choose online platform suitable for needs ... 2. Don't live too virtual: I should report honest information

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