The Key To Success Is Pioneering Products And Technology

Starting from the 'crib' of the elite team of the Vietnam Academy of Agriculture (Academy has 4 groups, including the most prestigious scientists in the field of research of each group), Kinh Joint Stock Company Joint technology CP started from its scientific research products. With a highly applied research orientation, comes from the urgent needs of production practices along with the strength of the technology, The secrets are cultivated by the group scientists during the study and work abroad. The world's high-tech science and technology knowledge like Germany, Japan, along with the technological achievements of research groups, many products and technological processes are created and effective in production Breeding. CP Technology Joint Stock Company See it is the biggest strength of the business, besides, the development process, we are constantly exchanging, cooperating and ordering governance professionals Enterprises, marketing and laws to build a good team to manage and operate enterprises. Property of startups, technology trading joint stock companies received the support of facilities, laboratory systems and Livestock establishments linked to the Academy to implement studies

. CP Business Joint Stock Company was supported by the Agricultural Academy of Agriculture and bidding for all levels to complete technology and commercial products, supported mechanisms and construction of spin-off businesses. In order to put products and technological processes into production and commercialization. In that, the Center for Technology Ingressions of the Academy is a direct and effective support unit for the development of enterprises
Besides, with specificities is a multi-sector and multi-sector university training institution, so enterprises have the opportunity to get the support of economic, governance and marketing experts from faculties and departments Academy, is connected by the Academy to connect many businesses to support enterprises of the provinces and cities for Start-Up Enterprises. With the first long training and prestigious training in the agricultural sector of the country , many alumni of the Vietnam Academy of Agriculture has become a major managers, scientists, entrepreneurs across the country, which is the strength of brand and social relations to promote the system Customers, promoting business and trade activities of enterprises. With specificity is the spin-off enterprise of Vietnam Academy of Agriculture, along with the prestige in the field of expertise, the call for investment capital NOW is greatly supported. The main shareholders are lecturers and scientists in the academy. More, CP Trading Technology Joint Stock Company also calls for individuals and units as production facilities associated with production activities. , Take advantage of the market strengths and reputation of shareholders as a factor to promote business. Capital contribution can be cash or conversion with material and technology bases. Share and benefit profit shall be carried out in accordance with current and reputable enterprises as well as sales Each shareholder contributes to business operations of enterprises according to the principle of fairness and transparency. It can be said that the journey of startup of CP Technology Trading Joint Stock Company starts from the process of researching products , Technology process for livestock production, this is the value of the enterprise. The next step is the process of calling for investment and construction of the product consumption network
Next is the process of organizing the production and research of product improvement. In particular, the strengths of the enterprise are product development research. In terms of creating products, product marketing, selling products, customer care is a stage of business focusing on cultivating business and performance. CP Technology Joint Stock Company is the enterprise University, so, the strength is to study and transfer scientific and technological advances to production and business. The success of the success of the business is the pioneering product and technology, with a high gray matter, some products and technologies are very unique and highly secrets. Enterprises take that strength as the criteria for construction, development and motivation to overcome difficulties and competitive strengths. The successful key of the enterprise is the pioneering technology and technology with the support of the nursery center Creating technologies of the Academy, Enterprises are involved in many projects, the State's enterprise support program. Through these support activities, businesses have the opportunity to be exchanged, learning experiences successfully as well as the failed lessons of startups from which to draw development experiences and strategies In its own, the enterprise is supported with training programs on management skills, operating enterprises, how to build products, marketing products, selling products, customer care. Phan Nho

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