The Kind Man Will Create A Woman Who Knows What

For women when more life experience they are, the more they understand that finding a new man is difficult. Only the kindness of men newly created a woman to use it, understood in: 00/2: 54 Nouthern region of this life, women only owe a mother who is native, not her husband or mother-in-law He for women what self-engraved will receive the right thing. Juice given to love will receive love, for aquaculture will receive iron lipstick. When the man only gave women the negligent bad silver, she would treat it like that. After doing now, my company sisters invited each other to eat

. Talking chrome suddenly Ms. Tam has a phone. "Yes, I'm going to eat with my colleagues
He showered me and the father and son were eating first. Then, love you! " . She said in a very sweet voice as if told her lover, not the husband who married for 7 years. It was so mischieved with each other laughing together. I spoke up: "The sister here married for 1 year was unable to open his mouth to say anything, but not to say loving each other to date. Recognizing her good. " Ms. Tam Bao, I love or not because my husband is not because of her. Wedding for seven years, he still treated her as the early days of marriage. It was possible to sit here eating carefree but not busy with children and houses at home
In the afternoon, she sent her husband and rest assured that he would come back soon to pick me up, cook something two dads eat or carry each other to eat Pho. Fast day, so if you go to work before I will pick you up, bathe me, Plug the wife of the rice cooker. He never had a model that measured men or women like other husbands. Ms. Tam also said that the old brothers and sisters loved each other, weren't it very warm enough. She rarely opened her mouth to say sweet words, loving but he provoked by action. Tired wife worked home, her sick wife mixed orange juice. As a woman, she doesn't need anything bigger than that. Everyone's praise gap said that her husband was rare amence between uneven men, accidentally full of out there. It was a bad husband, sometimes having a bad life. Midnight of the new night, sometimes go drinking, drunk, ... but she rarely grumbles because there is no one perfect. Besides, she understands that these outings are very merely and her husband will never fall. His kindness made her gentle, more solved. In fact, there are many men who always feel dissatisfied with their mates. My wife grumbled, irritable, or complained and very much. Men wish that the price as his wife was like that. But men, before comparing two women together, look at how the other man treated his wife. Men for women What will get about that. He is kind to love will receive love, for aquaculture will receive iron lipstick. When the man only gives women badness badly, she will treat it like that. More accurately, the woman is the mirror that reflects what men have treated. Juice man will create a woman to use and know what. Giadinhmoi

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