The Kneeling Girl Confessed To The Boy In Front Of The Bmw Car, The Opponent’s Actions Made People Walk Around Eyes

After the clip was spread on social networks, netizens discussed flutter with different opposite opinions instance.02: 00/2: 47 nam nuoiNam here, in China, a confession in the middle of the place The crowded person who moves across must also open his eyes. In many eyes, male confession with women is not too strange, but female confessed to men is extremely rare. According to the clip posted, a girl hand holding a sudden bouquet Kneeling in front of the blue BMW right in front of a bus stop. However, people around them will understand that there will be extremely unique confession

. However, the girl's action was kneeling in front of the car, it didn't seem to be very reasonable for this reason. Which level can be accepted to abandon the same caregical age! The girl who has just kneeling and kneeling, "I love you! I don't like your property. I really like your man New pursuing him "
Come here, the witnesses around to know the person who is driving the shiny BMW is probably the rich family with some giant production. But, wearing girls shouting Many, the man in the car still doesn't have any moves. The girl saw the person to pursue sitting on the car does not notice, so it's harder to scream. She just shouted and knelt a little bit to the car's nose. Becond this situation, the man in the car finally reacted. He let the car backwards back to widen the distance with the girl who knelt in front. The girl saw her body to pursue the car and then ran away, so he was heartbreaking to cry in the middle of the road, wearing many people around them Tracking. A man witnessed beside also said: "Being kneeled by this beautiful girl, but also refused. What is the guy on this car?". After the clip was spread Transmitted on social networks, netizens discussed fluttering with different opposite opinions
"The beautiful girl but also means that the brother on the car must like her. Emotion is voluntary. Has There is no feeling that is reluctant to do anything. "" The other brother is really too much! Even if it doesn't like people, it doesn't need to be so cold. At least get off the car to give your daughter I have a decent answer! " Boys don't let go ". Besides, netizens also argue that a girl cannot be kneeling in the middle of the road. This proves that she is in love, the girl is also very "loved" the main asset block is the BMW car that the boy is using. Netizens have discussed a lot about the girl's failure. However, the outsiders cannot understand the inside, every objective judgment outside is only the surface of the truth. Although the situation has failed but the act of "daring to dare to do" real girl's Preferences are respected and admired. (Source: 163)

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