The Lack Of Family Of The Famous Hanoi Noodle System Is Engaged, The Bride Is A Familiar Face

This couple is not only famous on YouTube that he is also a lack of noodle store chain. Maybe the two new names and blue hairs (now no longer green) are not too strange for Netizen. Because both are very famous on YouTube and possessing YouTube channels with high tracks. The party took place the November 28 last year. A blue hair and blue hair is in the buddy

. A real name is Pham Ngoc Tan (SN 1993), RMIT alumni and lack of famous Pho Pho Ha Internal. Ngoc Tan's famous noodle store has been operating for 16 years. Although meeting a lot of difficulties in being traded by the brand but the noodle shop of the young guy still stood and developed
The two had dated each other for a long time in Ngoc Tan as the YouTube channel owner with 455k poster sign. In addition, the couple also set up a separate channel and reached 20k registration. The couple was loved by a friendly, close and humorous personality. With blue hair, the real name is Dang Ngoc Mi born in 1997. She graduated from a good RMIT and received internship media Group. In the beautiful and radiant pearls with a white shirt. Tan Tan shares the feelings about his wife. In the hospital, Ngoc Tan also shared emotions about Ngoc Mi wife: "The first 2 couple met each other is not here in the foreign party. My first impression of his wife is that he will never love a girl who looks like this. And after both brothers and brothers, they can see themselves 'Nape' earlier, finally on people and this is the result of 4 years later
"Previously the official couple in the same house, Netizen also spent the wishes and hope that the couple will always be happy.

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