The Last Noodle Bowl

Jobs in the factory Ms. Make sure to fulfill the responsibilities. It's nothing, the factory does not close, but there is no product to the oven.00: 00/2: 29 years of the year, Trung Tu, repairing the internal machinery failure due to the workshops .

. anyone strangely the game will be installed to calculate the public, to get the supplies to share each other, because there is a production where machines are operating. But hungry, the harder it stoves the cheating .
. also by the unpaid guy, the house, the car ... so she asked for a unpaid job, but not, no one was working for her work, So I ask for breakfast, in the afternoon. Illustration is selected by the author. Source: Internet. The vial is crabs, water filter, .. astronaut, pick up vegetables
.. early from 4 h to cook the pot of soup to the market. But the market is in time, around the factory , The two XD factories besides all famine, the session is session. The ten-year-old boy with a child with a kindergarten, obediently helps his mother to clean the goods, bringing water ... one soon the rain, she is waiting for guests, then I went to the wife: - Mom! I spilled all the water, I hugged my child to turn the child and then saw how I did it, why it shed, it told him to stop the car into the child, the plug splashed out of the water, at a time Now I hold 2 thermos now, it's rushing ... I'm okay, I'm breathless, I'm just two thermos, nearly half a month of salary. (At that time, she was only 150 thousand, but the salary On the quirk as she is 900 thousand). Noodles are also sold out, only water and meat rolls, she laments look at me, swallowing Khan Don't dare to cry afraid you see ... at a time, I told me before, I was planning to clean it up, Three young people turned into the calling goods: --Ehow for us three bowls of vermicelli, we went to the school to be too hungry. Looking at our tired face. Then one he stood up, she gave us a debtor to go to the construction site about paying, but she did not believe, holding her watch (the watch like old gold plated). Working on the hour, I did it, holding the star clock, looking at them hungry on her face to hand: - Let the children eat, then tomorrow paid her, watching them rushed like hitting hungry for a long time, she wondered in , but I didn't say it later that she had heard that a group of TN hidden the camp was thought and put it through. Looking forward to the day she went to the old shop to pay (even 15 thousand Ba Bun Bats) ... After that because of child injury, because My part, she gave up a vermicelliist, many people eaten noodles of cooking, they still mention the taste of crabs but only she cooked, the princess taste from her mother's mother's mother taught.

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