The Last “stronghold ‘in Afghanistan Has Not Lost Into The Taliban

Panjshir Valley is the final 'stronghold' of the Afghan government troops in an effort against the Taliban gunmen0: 00/1: 36 South Panjshir province, located in the northern capital of Kabul, is the only place to hold God fighting against the Taliban, according to Guardian. This is also the hometown of Vice President Afghanistan Amrullah Saleh, who is continuing its leadership as the gunmen has gained control of the capital of Kabul. Many video clips on social networks show that potential politicians are Gather in Panjshir. Among them, Vice President Saleh, Minister of Defense, General Bismillah Mohammadi and Mr. Ahmad Massoud, the son of the North Alliance leader was assassinated

. Vice President Amrullah Saleh in the Afghan Embassy in Tajikistan . Photo: Reuters.Panjshir, lying nestled on the Himalayan range, is located as a fortress of nature
The Taliban has not yet attacked this area even though they have the ability and resources to do so. Hey this, the retreat politicians to Panjshir bring many military political meanings. In history, the leaders of the Northern Union are always against the Taliban. Meanwhile, gunmen are busy setting the new government, and can plan to attack Panjshir.Panjshir as a fortress, but isolated because of the defense position. Therefore, if there are rebellion intentions, the opposing characters are hard to receive the supply source. Nearby, the US declares them will leave Afghanistan. In contrast, the Taliban's financial resources are increasingly strengthened. Therefore, Mr. Saleh and the Allies will have to struggle to seek support from abroad
After 20 years of the rebels movement, some members of the Taliban admit the top country is a challenge . But they also realize that the establishment of a soft government is a stepping stone for the legitimacy of the Taliban.Unen Uyen

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