The Last Words Of The French Ambassador When Pulling The Suitcase Leaving Australia

France is still angry at the decision to cancel the submarine contract worth tens of billions of Australia. The French Ambassador said they felt 'tricked' before this notice.0: 00/1: 39 South "We discovered (through the press) that the Australian government deliberately kept secret to us Last minute ", French Ambassador Jean-Pierre Thebault in Australia told ABC on September 20. "This is not Australia's attitude towards France. And maybe we are not friends'

. "Prime Minister Australia Scott Morrison on September 19 revealed his government once concerned about the submarine agreement with Paris many months earlier, Mr. Thebault said There are no clear signals that the contract will end. "This is a conspiracy made in 18 months," he said
"While we implemented the program (submarine) that France was committed to their most keelly military secret, we discovered that there was another project, thanks to the press, an hour ago When they announced it. "Jean-Pierre Thebault said France" felt fooled ". France Embassy Jean-Pierre Thebault pulled suitcase to Sydney airport to leave Australia to water. Photo: Ap.Pave canceled the British Defense - French Defense Summit meeting to protest the fact that he participated in Aukus agreement, accusing London according to the "opportunity". Prime Minister Boris Johnson on September 19 tried Reducing diplomatic cracks with Paris and said that "Love with France is unable to change". Schedule before journalists when in flight to New York, USA, Mr. Johnson affirmed him and France has "termites Relations are very friendly, "being described by him as" great importance ". Before, Australia canceled the plan to build a regular submarine fleet with France, to replace with a program to pay 8 submarines Nuclear technology with the United States and the United Kingdom in AUKUS Security Partnerships is announced on September 16 / 9.

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