The Leaves Showing Off The Waist Slender Way, Miss Do Thi Ha Most Surprised

While many sisters complained about gaining weight loss of control due to this time without training conditions, the rear men of the Vietnamese showbiz still kept the toned body with a slim waist. The most surprise is the change of the waistline of Miss Do Thi Ha.0.0: 00/2: 24 namquan southern region close to the new photos posted by Miss Do Thi Ha will see her earlier waistbands a little more . Proud with his achievements, the post-postmen even posted 2 photos only to be a bust, did not take a face, showing off the slender waistline

. Hau Do Thi Ha is not afraid to reveal beside the episode Hard work, she also has a scientific and healthy diet to own a neat body, smooth skin. Her favorite dishes are not expensive or difficult to process, the opposite is very simple. Although it is necessary to control strict weight but Miss Do Thi Ha does not eat harshly
She still complements the protein (protein) into his daily menu.How H'Hen Ni is also a work hard work. She shared at home everyone often eats a lot and sitting so the belly will accumulate significant fat. So, Miss H'Hen NaiNe in the first part of the upper and lower abdomen to maintain a firm waist. It's one of the most "bugs" in the epistime, Miss H ' Hen Ni also reveals the active participation in community activities is a way for her to "eat a lot without fear of gain weight." She tips everyone does not need to be too abstaining from abstinence, but it is important to stay healthy and have a reasonable exercise regime. SHARE READED TO Personal Series Personal Series My Series With Fans. Unable to go to the Gym, Hau still has a slim waistline for hardworking training at home. Miss Universe School, Runner-up Kim Chuyen shared about extremely strict training with foreign coaches. She just followed a diet to remove all the starch, just gathered Gym, and joined the other training classes
She went attested when she was extremely stressed, exhausted to cry. Hau Kim Duyen was shared, early 2020, she was stressed because of an increase of more than 10kg. So this time, she was determined to lose his weight twice to regain the spirit. Kim Duyen was 1m73 high, her weight was 59.4 kg. After returning from the 69th Miss Universe contest, Miss Khanh Van only gained weight again. In the recent series, Miss Khanh Van often shows off the ultra-small waist and slender body.Jeanie (synthesis) according to IGNV

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