The Letter In The Bottle Of ‘started’ From Japan To The Us After 37 Years

A high school student in Japan dropped into the sea a glass bottle with a special letter. After 37 years in the waters of Hawaii.0: 00/2: 11 NAMLA Mail in the bottle of 'Starting' from Japan to the US after 37 years a 9-year-old girl discovered a glass bottle containing a letter Handwritten inside in the Hawaii waters, USA. Message written by high school students in 1984 sent from Chiba, Japan. After 37 years, the letter in the bottle floated to the sea was about 6,000 km from the original position

. High school students released a letter in the glass bottle into the sea in Japan as part of the experiment to study Hai Luong lines. The letter in the bottle has the title of 'Ocean Flow Investigation', written from 7/1084, which is said to stem from the Kuroshio Near Near Miyoshio Island, Western Japan. Inside whose writing asked who found the bottle Return to Choshi High School
Baby Abbie Graham, 9 years old, found a letter bottle on a beach near Hilo City, Hawaii during the trip Join your family in June. By September, the new girl's family contacted Choshina High School, who released a total of 450 glass bottles in 1984 and 300 more bottles in 1985. In part of the ocean flow survey. For far, 51 glass bottles have been found and returned to the school. The letter in the bottle that Abbie Graham finds and returns to the school is the only bottle found since 2002. The glass bottles from the experiment in Japan have drifted into some areas around the world. As Washington State in the US, Canada, the Philippines and Marshall Islands in the center of Pacific.Mayumi Kanda, a former student of Choshi High School, once a member of the Science Club in 1984, said she very very Surprised because the bottle appeared again after a long time. I heard this news has "revived nostalgic memories of Mayumi Kanda's levels 'dates' of Choshi high school representatives that students who are studying here have planned to write to Abbie to feel Granting her for sending it back to the school. The school will be attached to a miniature Tairyo-Bata flag as a fish, this is a type of flag of fishermen used to indicate that they have a batch Multi-seafood bumper mesh
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