The Line Of Paintings Must Be In Front Of The Risk Of Forgotten

Painting the Mirror of Hue Dinh Hue by the Nguyen court to leave, decorated in many relics of the system of the Courtulants of Hue. This is considered a fairly special form of heritage, both informal and intangible. However, many paintings are damaged, seriously degraded, a plan to preserve and promote the value of works in this kind of mirror paintings ..

. mirror pictures illustrate the poem "Vinh Thi Phuong Literature "by King Thieu Tri, praising the beauty of Kieu Phuong Garden (Uyen Lyen Garden in Hoang Ca Hue) According to statistics, there are now about 90 mirror paintings of Nguyen Dynasty, with unique value of art Being stored in the monuments. These paintings are being suspended decorations at many relics such as Hue Cung Dinh Ancient Museum, Minh Mang Tomb, Tu Duc Mausoleum, Lang Dong Khanh, Thieu Khanh Lang Tri, Hon Bang Electricity, Cung Tho (Great Noi Hue) .
. together with some mirror pictures at Pagoda in Quoc Quoc (Hue City), Department of History (Hue University of Science) and in the house of some researchers, there are many characteristics and signs indicating Origin of Hue Royal Supply.Theo many researchers, basically the subject of the contents of the Mirror of Hue, there are 3 main types, including: the type of high-class paintings "painting" or dominant poetry-type Bay paintings, currently in Hue and 40 are quite intact; The type of paintings do not poetic but there are subject to the picture theme, which is the type of illustrator for the spirits in Chinese history; Types of static paintings, only around 2 main topics are bowls of furniture and fruits and fruits. Dr. Phan Thanh Hai, Director of Department of Culture and Tourism, who have had many years working in the Center for conservation of an urban relics Hue commented: It is possible to see Hue Cung Dinh mirror pictures as a type of painting of Hue's own identity by origin, how to show their unique material. Mirror paintings are packed in wooden wooden frames, quite sophisticated, are actually independent paintings. In terms of material, this type of painting uses the material that is glue, or painted, painted or mosaic into the back of the mirror (colored or mosaic directly in the "anti-award" on the mirror-type drawing The negative on the back to look at the front of the positive city). However, so far, this painting line is still less noticeable if it is not almost forgotten ..
at Long An Electricity (Hue Cung Dinh Ancient Museum), on the row after surplus It is exhibiting 6 mirror paintings and all 6 shots are concrete poetry. The museum also stores and preserves dozens of mirror paintings that are damaged and degraded. Ms. Huynh Thi Anh Van, director of Hue Cung Dinh Nong Museum Information: Last time, many mirror paintings were suspended in Tu Duc Mausam damaged as loss of letters and bubbles; Or when the Refrectic Coordinates, the large-sized paintings in this layer are also taken to the warehouse of the museum to store and preserve. "The weather in Hue is a sunny season, the rainy season is very humid, so easy Leads to peeling paint in this type of mirror painting. The taken to the warehouse of the museum to safely preserve, when the favorable conditions will show exhibitions and exhibitions, "Ms. Anh Van information. Also according to the representative of the Museum of Hue Cung Dinh Cung, the mirror paintings The royal family still existed for more than 100 years old, mainly on the Treatment King (1841-1847). Last time, depending on the level of damage, degradation of works that specialized units have temporary fitting and overcoming steps; Mainly reinforcing, giraffe and retains the original elements. Also, to avoid clutter when exhibiting and preserving mirror paintings at the relics and museum of Hue Cung Dinh Cung also temporarily temporarily Move some work on storage at the warehouse to rearrange accordingly. According to some ideas, arrangement and display of mirror pictures according to uniform themes such as: groups of paintings about the "neurological divine scenes", the group of bays in the seasons of the year, static paintings , fruits ... "Every festival (like Hue Festival, Hue traditional Festival ...), can choose existing mirror paintings to establish an exhibition space on Hue mirror paintings. In this space, there is not only a mirror, but also a folk painting, to create a match between two lines of paintings as well as the abundance of this type of art ", Dr. Phan Thanh Hai comments . Last time, the Conservation Center of Hue Temple Monuments had many initial attempts to overcome the damages and degradation of some of the mirror paintings, but still have not yet achieved positive results. In the long run, it is necessary to have a research investment to restore the process of restoring and embellishing this type of picture. Currently, in Vietnam still exists a number of mirror painting facilities, even if the folk painting line is more modest than the royalty line, but also opens the prospects for mobile management units Research production. In addition, the interaction between our country and with the United States, China - a famous land of the Mirror Engineering, also becomes more easily older.

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