The Lions ‘deep’, Forest Buffaloes Died Quickly

It only takes 20 minutes, the lions have successfully defeated their prey thanks to this tactic instance.0 of this year. Hunting hunters are hard to defeat this prey even though they are alone. With the strength and strong horns, the forest buffalo can completely make the African ruler to give up the network. The Lion Chlorine chases the forest buffalo to a puddle and put the prey down there, so it can be successful Can use collective strength

. This time, 4 lions were joining to hunt a forest buffalo in the Kogatende in Tanzania. Thickly experienced predators had a prey to a puddle and surrounded around, turning to attack. Alone against the lions in the underwater, the forest buffalo is very fast drowning
After more than 20 minutes of holding, in the end, the forest buffalo is also defeated and becomes a delicious meal for predators. Obviously, in this case, the collective strength and the strength have brought to victory to the lion. Leave this position, clearly that the forest buffalo is significantly reduced by his strength that can no longer be resistant to be paid As if it was on exhaustion, the Lion also overwhelmed the prey about the number of these tuggers of very successful predators to take 20 minutes, the lions were successfully defeated with his prey

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