The Lions Only Have Skin-covered Skin:

The lions are only given a week for a week because it is not enough to cost 09: 00/1: 16 nam nam in the back of the rust-rusted iron in the dirty bar, three mature lions are nearby Death, the body only has the skin of the bone due to the influences from the civil war in Yemen. Animal guardians said the lives of animals dubbed this meadow king said because of the supply The scarce food caused them to be eaten once a week. The lions live in the low and dirty dampness, the living location of these lions is in the Sana'a zoo. The employees here are not enough to give them a better life. Three lions were named Ward, Frence and Moklees

. In the video and the images shared about these lions, everyone sees their weakness and hungry cries. In the barn also too dirty, causing them to get skin diseases. People came here to call the smell from the lion cage "the smell of death"
Our health is so weak that the antipologist must provide more vitamins and medications to festival life through the desperate eye of the rulers in wild nature, but this zoo is also The place of livelihood of about 700 other animal individuals. Because of the scarcity of food, lions are often fed with meat of old animals who have died like crawl or trick. As shared by the zoo staff, every week lions are fed with deer meat, cows or chickens each Week once, but the old lions are only fed about 7kg of chicken every day. Pathempy only the skin of the lions of the lions are too dirty, so they are not less diseased in every week they are only fed Once with food is also not delicious, their fate is just like the silk before the wind

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