The Long-term Response Strategy Of The Russian Federation With The West

Stress and fierce confrontation in the relationship between a Russia who wants to rise strongly to the West has been shown in the new national security strategy of Russia 9: 00/5: 54 Southern president Vladimir Putin. (Photo: AFP / VNA) Russia's tough response after warship cases of countries of the North Atlantic Treaty (NATO) increased activities in the recent Black Sea, especially the Russian border guard British HMS Defender landscaped gun went deep into the Nose Fiolent area of the Crimea Peninsula, or put the entire black sea fleet in alarm state before the "Sea Breeze 2021" exercises by the US and Ukraine The officials that Russia considered "provocative actions," show that the stress between Moscow and the West is difficult to cool down in the short term. Stress and confrontory conditions in the relationship between a Russia wanting Powerful rise with the West is also expressed in Russia's new national security strategy to be approved by Vladimir Putin President. Can see a new national security strategy of 44 pages - important documents Orientation of general goals and tasks related to the strategic development of Russia in modern international conditions, not c Only is an update of the National Security Strategy launched in 2015, when it covers a lot of problems, from national security to economy, the environment, values, defense, issues bouncing issues Born in information and communication environments or ideology. This year's version is considered a declaration for a new age, especially in the context of Russia confronting increasingly harshly with Western and American

. "Russia in the contemporary world, Russia's new national security strategy determines the risks of national security. It is the "desire of Western countries to protect the positional position;" "Looking forward to isolating Russia and the use of dual international political standards;" Or "in the context of the Western freedom model crisis, some countries are looking to erode the intentional traditional values, distort the world history, modify the views on the role and location of the role and position Russian Federation; "and" Unfriendly countries are seeking to take advantage of existing socio-economic issues in the Russian Federation to destroy internal solidarity, inspiration and extreme movement Love, supporting the groups on the sidelines and causing Russian social division. "It can be seen that the determination of threats to national security reflecting Russia's concerns a world undergoing transformation And chaos, in which Moskva said that "Western hosting position" is on the decline, it leads to more conflicts and more seriously
According to the new national security strategy, in terms of business Just, Russia faces unhealthy competition in sanctions in order to damage and restrain; In terms of security, the risk of using force is increasing; In the moral sector, Russian historical traditional and heritage values are being attacked; In terms of domestic politics, Russia has to deal with the plot of outside the long-term instability. The exterior environment is full of threats and increasing insects that are considered an era, but not just a stage. Thus, it is possible to conclude that Russia is planning a strategy for a long-term counterfeiting with confrontation policies and surrounding measures, embargo and inhibitors of the West for Moskva. Other remarkable points, It is a new strategy to address moral aspects in national security. The new security strategy gives a list of traditional Russian values, and thinks that these values are "being attacked through the Western process," making Russians risk deprived Sovereign culture, as well as through historical rewriting to lower the reputation of Russia. Therefore, the strategy of evaluation in mind, Russia is facing a "crystal war Spirit "with the West. On that facility, it can be said that Russia's new national security strategy outlines the direction to remain away from Western-style liberalism, to follow rules and standards Germany originated from the tradition of the country. According to Moscow's assessment, in addition to the US and NATO actively deployed the army with weapons systems, or having festounding strength, exciting Russian border attacks, Similar to NATO's general exercise of NATO's Sea Breeze 2021 in the Black Sea, which Moskva said that "is turning the black sea from a partnership space into a confrontation area," Then the huge information technology corporations are based in the US, with their virtual role in the field of information and the global financial dominance role of the dollar, also considered a tool to alkaline. President Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin (left) and US President Joe Biden at the meeting in Geneva, Switzerland on June 16
(Photo: AFP / TTXVN) for the first time in Russia's new history, Russia's new national security strategy does not mention the role of interacting with the US and partners in

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