The Main Female ‘fertilizer “welding Of The Secret To Keep The Hot Shape

In the 'Flavor "of the original version named' My Only One 'of Korea, everyone impressed with the female was an uee actor because of her hot, beauty and physique." Template Body "is the film that receives many interests of Vietnamese audiences. In the Korean version, UEE took on the role of Kim Do Ran - the girl "bottle" always work hard and optimistic despite the poor life, the waves always biet in 1988, the real name is Kim Yu Jin. She debuted with the After School group in 2009. When I first debuted, UEE quickly became a phenomenon on Korean forums thanks to the lovely face with a hot shape

. Who knows that to own The fiery body and all kinds of thousands of people enthusiastically enthusiastically, UEE had to undergo an extreme weight loss because of a fat-shaped body, not balanced with the press, UEE revealed she only dared to eat one Meals every day for the past 8 years. The cause comes from the 33-year-old beauty that has been fat, with belly fat in the past. To lose weight, UEE often enlisted yoga anytime
Because yoga is the subject that can help Uee lose weight effectively. She often practices movements such as cobra, bow posture, steaming posture, warrior posture ... In addition to yoga, every morning, UEE often jog on the machine running about 30 minutes, or walking for 1 hour . She always tried to maintain this habit and restrictedly resting .UEE is famous for eating Ha Khac, on 1 meal for 8 consecutive years. In his daily diet, UEE tries not to consume exceeding 1000 calories. Her daily menu includes: brown rice, tofu, chicken breast salad and dry tuna. The fiber content of brown rice helps the bowel function to operate better, as it makes digestively easier
A secret to keeping the shape is that UEE will always carry water bottles with people to open or drink anytime anywhere. Thanks to seriously comply with the diet and weight loss practices, UEE quickly owns a fiery body with toned curves. Photo: It. A readers watching videos "Hazards using weight loss food on the network". Source: VTV24.

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