The Man Changed His Life Thanks To A Unique Idea In The Subway Station

Thanks to special conversations on the subway station, from an anonymous salesperson, Thomas Knox became an Emmy prize candidate this year.0: 00/2: 59 Namthomas Knox (left) Chat meaning about life, love and New York City with strangers in the subway. Thomas Knox's chat screen (in the US) with any stranger while they waited for the train on the station Very successful, even the program was also nominated for an award for Emmy TV shows in 2021. After a friend who had to cancel dinner dinner due to messy traffic in 2015, Knox thought: " Nothing positively happened at the subway station and I want to change that ". So Knox has a table, two chairs and a glass vase on UNION Square station to test ideas With the name: "Date While You Wait" (temporarily translated: dating while waiting)

. "At the idea, I don't know whether people are interested in sitting with a complete person The whole strange while waiting for the subway, "Knox said." And although the name is 'Date', this is not a place to earn a lover, "he stressed. Some women he encountered seemed to have a deeper relationship with Knox but he never thought he would find a lover in this way
"I just wanted to create something that brought a little positive for waiting at the subway station" .knox implemented "Date While You Wait" has been 6 years now. In the first day, Knox has chatted With 20 people waiting for the ship. In the next few weeks, Knox spends more than 5 hours to talk to people crossing the street every day. Then he combined games like Connect 4 and Rock 'Em Sock' em robots to the program to collect Smoking more participants. Thanks to the "Date While You Wait" program, Knox has met CEOs, who have been convicted, teachers and both tourists. He created a Facebook and Instagram account to stay connected with his newly used friends. "A man visited Manhattan to meet her girlfriend he just knew through the internet. There was a little trouble but after I encouraged him to try again, they finally solved everything, "Knox remembers. Every day, Knox invited strangers to sit down, play board game or say About important issues for them
Now, Knox has rested the sales representative for Apple to concentrate full-time for "Date While You Wait". You are developing television apps and playing online programs.David Katz, manufacturer of "Date While You Wait" said: "This is a special thing to be shared with everyone". In 2020, Katz organized a production group to start shooting programs in the form of a long television program. And when Pandemic Covid-19 outbreaks, Katz and Knox are still not discouraged. "We turned the program series in the middle of the pandemic", emphasizing that they had complied with all the instructions on Y New York's Medical. "Nobody has Covid-19," said. This special television has been nominated for EMMy in the interview / discussion category and the winner will be announced this fall this year.Knox also Give advice to people talking to him when waiting for the train. "From a normal person, with random chats with passengers waiting for the subway, I became the candidate of the Emmy prize. That's amazing, "Knox said." This experience is extremely precious for me. I received hundreds of messages from those who said they started a new career, leaving malicious relationships and established their own business after our conversation. "" I'm happy has changed someone's life after subway conversations ". Post Duong (According to The New York Post)

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