The Man ‘kicked’ His Wife Was About To Marry Because He Was A Pregnant Boss And The Ending Of The ‘paralyzed’ After Only 3 Years

'Back then, farewell to her less than 1 month, his parents were happy to go to the citadel's wedding. My parents just loved their children too sick for months', girls saying.0: 00/3: 47 nam is an ambitious person but men should know how to stand firm on their feet rather than relying on women . Many people standing this mountain looked like it eventually received a painful ending. The man canceled the kiss right before the holiday shelf here, a woman shared his life story

. She used to have a 6-year love. Both finished eating, just waiting for the marriage day, the situation was broken. "The lover was back and he was handsome and tall and said
I'm less beautiful but gentle, gentle. Both of them were asking, moving back to live a house that only waited for the wedding day, suddenly he broke up. The reason was that he made another pregnant girl. After that, I read the messages they sent over each other. At that time, I was so married, married for 6 years, just waiting for the wedding but like that, "she said. The writing is posted. They were "sex" with each other, having a baby and then kicking the girl not mercilessly. The next time, she struggled with a lot of things. Wedding things please publicly now say stop. The eyes, the sentence from outsiders also made her extremely painful
"Having to go over 1 year, I am so calm and stable life. Then I moved to my hometown to do it and start living better. But one night, after 3 years from the day of canceling his farewell, his ex-lover dared to give me it. I asked Han to look around about life and ask about what I did. At that time I was extremely funny. Why can this thick face be so comfortable? He should have had to hide the distance, never appeared anymore. Back then, farewell to her less than 1 month, his parents were happy to go to the married city of boys. My parents have just loved their children so sick for the whole month, now he dared to contact the muscle, "said the girl. The old news that she now dared to show up. That point, she had new lover. He knew all her past stories and loved. Both also calculate marriage. She also wanted to deceive all the unhappy things so even though unpleasantly heard the old man's sports. The betrayal brings to now, she knew his life after taking the rich girl. There is a little good. If you don't want to say the other marriage right from the beginning was wrong. The girl shares: "It turns out, after getting married, he is more loved by his boss and for promotion and salary. However, the version His body is limited so it cannot be higher. His old friends in the past are off. Everyone knows that love story, blaming a lot. They contacted his wife I, clearly seeing the scorn should gradually nobody goes back and forth. For the part of the wife, only one time is fine, after giving birth to the child, throwing children for her husband and all day rolling with enough bar, pub .. . Eat play like a daughter. She is also especially not for her husband's house. There are times when the couple arguing, she's crazy about saying that the baby is not his son. He went to the test died Daughter because it is true that I have a long time to raise my children. The two sides of the family argue and break up. Soon after, he was broken by his father and warrior of the company. Want to come back, want to have a chance from me. I heard it all Falcon has no feeling. I laughed and peacefully replied: 'Actually the person like you, betrays, the opportunity, only selfishness, hurt others, what must I get a result? I am now not single but if you have, your chance is long for a long time '. After saying that, I stamped the machine. "So just said, the leopard was sometimes late, not it didn't come. Even in love and marriage, never silver, hurt the enemy too much. Simple By then you won't know what she got about is! According to

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