The Man Kneeling, Crossing The Wife’s Wife In The Middle Of The Street, The Attitude Of His Wife Makes The Person Go To The Street

Not only kneeling for his wife, the man also provided directly through the wife's groin in the middle of the street, causing the people to go away, unable to sit still. Do not membrane to your face and dignity, ready to do anything but the other half requires. On November 8, a couple had a conflict in the street in Chau, Jiangsu Province, China, opposite a busy shopping center, Sohu reported.00: 00/01: 05sau An interjectional, the 50-year-old man directly knelt down, hugging his feet to ask his wife, perhaps he was afraid to never see his wife again if he left his wife. However, the woman seemed extremely angry

. According to a passerby, this woman is about to divorce with her husband. She said that the past 20 years she was suffered enough, before she didn't want to divorce because she was young, not letting you miss me. Now they are studying college so she wanted to escape this terrible marriage
The man knelt, hugged his feet to pray his wife. "You and I have been spanking more than 20 years. I love you to the bone, you can't live without you. Can I give you a chance? What's wrong, I tell you, you will change, "he will change," the middle-aged middle-aged man, please recover with his wife. But, the woman doesn't seem to save the kiss Hey, definitely want to divorce. So to end the wishes of her husband, the angry wife made a request: "If you go through my groin, I will consider!". The man knelt after his wife when she turned her back to leave . Words, the wife turned away, because people often say "her knee inlaid gold" so I don't think her husband will really throw themselves themselves but through his groin. At this point, the man still knelt after his wife. Unexpectedly, the man did not hesitate to bent over the wife's groin
Meanwhile, the woman continuously hit his back and her butt. After completing the wife's request, the man stood up. The man suffered a wife's groin, hoping his wife to think of divorce. However, the woman rejected her husband's request and left. But the man did not give up, he ran to kneeling in front of his wife, continuing to beg her. At the end of this curtain, some people on the road could not stand it, and ran to support the man standing up Scolding the woman is too much. However, the woman absolutely refused to say argument, shouting against the pedestrians: "That's when I voluntarily do so, I don't force him. This is our house, what do you have to do with you 'dip my nose'? "The helpless man sat down on the roadside, while his wife and passerers were still quarreling. Finally, even though it was thrown away, the man still couldn't save this marriage. The reason was quickly spreading on social networks with many flow of opinions. Someone criticized his wife too much and the husband was too tense when he knelt and pulled through such a wife's groin. Meanwhile, the other number argued that perhaps the wife was oversized in this marriage so she had so flowed so much.

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