The Man Left Home For 16 Years, The Reason For Many Unexpected People

After missing for 16 years, the man returned to his family. He recounted the reason for cutting off contacting the whole family to make many people unexpectedly.02 / 2: 01 south men 39 years old, they wang, reunited with the family in China's Xi'an city November 16. In a video posted on Weibo, China's social network, people saw Wang crying, pillow pillow apologize for his mother, for leaving home in 2005.Wang was a good student level 3 In 2001, then passed in college

. But by 2005 when he was not graduated from college, he moved from Shandong and cut off all contact with his family. The reason is because he feels extremely embarrassed when faced with his parents when addicted to video games and the result cannot graduate from college. Wang was at the University of Truong An University, one of 100 highly ranked universities in China
Wang, 39 years old and parents were reunited in Xian City on November 16, after he Disappeared for 16 years. After leaving Shandong, Wang made sundry jobs in Xi'an, so he was almost unable to present the government to make residence papers. But Wang was also connected to his family when he had to go to the Xi'an government to renew itself. Government officials later discovered that Wang was listed on the list of missing and contacted his family in Shandong.Chared with the media, Wang said he did simple tasks to Making money to eat for 16 years away from home but definitely not to return to shame. Although Wang's reaction may be extreme, the Chinese education system has long been known to be a place with stretch level Straight high in learning. Wang's father said that in the past 16 years, he went to Xi'an at least twice a year to find a son. "Every time I have to go, I stay about 1 week. I walked on every street in Xi'an and to each Internet shop. We crushed my heart when I couldn't find me, "he said
Wang's mother said, she was" prepared for the worst "and thought her son was likely to die long ago." We didn't get any news about it, so I was worried and sad when I think about what could happen to my child. But I don't blame you. I'm just happy to see it again ". Post Ocean (according to INSIDER)

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