The Man Ride A Car To Get Rice 0 Copper Of His Grandparents And The Ending To Make Anyone Warm

Rice shop 0 Dong of the old man's grandparents and the warmth of the car ride to Xin.0: 00/1: 16 nu southern southern "0 copper" rice is located on Nguyen Van Dau street (Binh Thanh district) of two The old grandparents are constantly opening to "sell" for difficult circumstances, who need to go on. A man who came across a car to ask for a lunch box and the ending caused many people to touch., When the man asked "Do you go to the car to ask for foreign rice?" Being the hearts are very sorry for the two grandparents "her food is delicious" .00: 00/00: 42, although the old grandparents are older but still do the dishes to send to those The difficult situation caused anyone to appreciate

. Everyone will receive his husband's welcoming welcome. The man also has an unexpected act as an idea to send it back to her food to continue to do charity for difficult circumstances Scarf.Video clip receives thousands of interactions of netizens
Everyone also moved in front of his heart and the foundation of his grandparents for everyone. Many people also showed praise for men when they had surprising action for grandparents. British old grandmother but still make charity rice for the poor. - Two thought do charity met. Warming too! (Source clip: @ ngitruong83)

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