The Married Husband Made Others Pregnant, I Stupidly Transferred Money To ‘cottage’ And The Result Of Dna Made Them 3 Sides

Knowing I silently transferred to feed my mother's mother in the name of Hoang Hoang, he was angry to cancel with me immediately.0: 00/4: 51 male southern 2 days passed from the time of the royal announcement decision cancellation Kissing, throwing all the wedding rings, making my family awkward. I have prepared all the dresses, putting both brands from abroad for the biggest day of my life. My mother also cared for the whole diamond jewelry for the only daughter, hoping I would become the most beautiful bride on the wedding day. It all melt into the smoke cloud after the message I received at 1pm ago 3 months

. The strange woman confessed her to me, saying that she knew it all about me, knowing that I was about to marry Hoang. But she apologized for the pregnancy in the stomach was too big, and the "author" was my belly is my fiancé! I'm so confused to run right to the royal house to ask for 3 faces in the middle of the night. Huang shocked parents were heavy, but listened to his explanation, it seemed like the other girl "trapped" trick him, but no way to "cross the street" with a retailer who didn't know so
The more I asked me the surprise to my fiancé, 2 years of loving each other kept thinking very well, who doubts him still "evil" many other girls on the network I didn't know. And the other pregnant girl is overnight in drunkenness, going to the event festival with the company and she is PG of that party! He didn't know what she was pregnant because she didn't keep any relationship. Then she found my phone number, weird. (Artwork) Hoang Tran An I and his parents that the pregnancy was unlikely was his, but I decided not to believe. I lost sleep that night, it was morning that I called for the other woman. She said I was the name of the mind, with the age of Hoang, just went to the hired city for nearly a year. The mind took me told me that Hoang tried in flirting, her wine gave her drunk and was drunk after giving the mind about the inn. The same woman together, so I fell in tears, believing that my mind was the one who was harmed and my fiance was responsible for his mistake. Last week I kept talking to the mind, At the time of texting, calling. I temporarily temporarily don't meet to think again, the situation is also troublesome, so it is not possible to hold a hospital as intended
The mind is poverty to say miserable, calling the big belly to the 7th month, but it is fired without money, don't dare to go home because my parents swatching are the kind of "no pregnant husband". to ask the account number. She hesitated for a while and captured the account number sent to me. The next day I took my wages to send to the center of 3 million, but I named the sender as Hoang. Knowing that the mind would text the question, I took a deep breath and responded to the neat: "Just get that money and eat and drink for you." Regularly 2 months I sent the center of nearly ten million, just saw her coal without money to go to ultrasound, buying gourd milk ... I silently went to the bank. Nearly 3 months later, I was suddenly calling Give the night on the night we are together. Hoang Nhat Quyet did not accept children to fall outside the animal, claiming it was not his son and still wanted to marry me as a wife. I still love it very much, want everything to return to the old, but the mind of the mind calls the royal house to witness her to go to spawn, then make a birth certificate for me to stand my fiancé I choked my throat when I looked at my tears when I looked at the heart of myself to hugging my belly in the institute, she called to cursing the cruising as a bastard of heartlessness, making me unbearable to ask her a woman . Hoang was not a nonsunious man, so after a few hours, he agreed to hear me to go home to wait for her "love 1 night" giving birth. The baby was born is son and royal Tell me that it's not like you at all. The whole mind pulled to the Hospital to eat, holding the royal hospital to return to the city. My parents also knew it, told wait for the mother to get to the hospital and followed it. 2 weeks after the mind, the secret of the DNA test did not tell anyone. Meanwhile, the mind flipped with me, called me a "robbing husband", pressing me to leave me to marry her! 3 family members were messed up, no one could yield anyone, the most suffering is the royal parent. I lost my insomnia, locked myself in the crying room for several days. I thought and decided not to marry anymore, yielded the mother to my mother's mind because anyway the child was not guilty, it needed to have a decent parent. When I heard that idea, Hoang immediately rushed to The house asked why I did that. I disappointed him and his excuse was a bad guy, betraying me according to others so I didn't need anymore. He was very shocked when I knew I peeked to send money to my mother's mother, angry scolding me as stupid, withdrew the paper throwing straight on the table. My father picked up reading, he stunned to trembling me with paper. Oh my god, turned out that the baby wasn't right, the DNA was not matched! The royal asked me to love and believe him anymore, I choked around not to say anything, he immediately pulled the wedding rings in his hand go out

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