The Mclaren F1 Has A 26-year Life Of The World’s Most Expensive Car

Although it is identified as a super-luxury car, this is the first time a 26-year-old car is paid a record high price: 00/1: 35 South McLaren F1 in 1995 has just been auctioned Success in California (USA) with the final paid price of $ 20.5 million. This price causes many experts in the field of auctions to be surprised because of the initial prediction of only about 15 million USD. Breaking the record of a 1994 McLaren F1 model was successfully auctioned at $ 19.8 million in 2019

. The McLaren F1 car was very expensive on the ancient car auction market because of its rarity with 100 pcs The only car is produced in the 1990s. A McLaren F1 who owns this line is being considered to hold in a very high profitable investment. The reason for the selling price to the first buyer is only about $ 800,000 until 1 million USD
The idea of the McLaren F1 was outlined in the last years of the 1980s and officially launched the trade version in May -1992.McLaren F1 inspired by the racing line with a three-seat configuration. The driver's seat was ranked in the middle of the car, and two rows of the passenger seats rear. This is also the first car in the world using a carbon fiber chassis and using high-tech and expensive materials As titanium, magnesium, kevlar and gold. 29 years have passed since being introduced, McLaren F1 was collected as a classic car. This car is hardly devalued at the time of birth and often changing the owner for millions of USD.

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