The Menu Helps Miss Do Thi Ha Da With A Beautiful Shape: A Beautiful Breed From Blackpink

Miss Do Thi Ha is not just a genuine blink that the diet to keep her skin beautiful also has many coincidence points with Blackpink Members.0: 00/1: 46nam south recently, flowers Hau Do Thi Ha was very actively practicing, preparing the skills needed for the Miss World (Miss World) competition held at the end of the year. She regularly shared new photos on the personal page and was praised by Netizen because of a professional makeup skill, slimming physique. Hau Do Thi Ha is not afraid to reveal that besides Hard workout, she also has a scientific and healthy diet to own a neat body, smooth skin. The favorite dishes of Tan Miss are not expensive or difficult to make processing, the opposite is very simple, everyone can apply

. Also know white rice rice contains a lot of starch and sugar, not good for people who want to want Weight loss keeps shape while nutrient rice rice does not cause weight gain. Lacked rice also contains many fiber, good for the digestive system and also creates a feeling of no long. Hau Hau Do Thi Ha just needs a bowl of brown rice rice with vegetables that are enough for a delicious meal
She has been very clever when choosing a variety of vegetables because each color provides a large amount of certain vitamins. The Blackpink members often mix Greek yogurt with cereals and fruits to have Newly rich and beautiful dishes are beautiful and beautiful. Miss Do Thi Ha is the same, her favorite breakfast is a bowl of oats, split seeds with yogurt, fresh sugar milk and a little chopped fruit, adding chocolate powder to create delicious flavor. Must control strict weight but Miss Do Thi Ha does not diet harsh. She still supplemented enough protein (protein) into his daily menu. A salad bowl consists of green vegetables, fruits, almonds with rim shrimp, boiled eggs are the perfect menu for dinner. Thus, she has enough protein from shrimp and eggs, fiber with vitamin from vegetables, good fat from nuts and still ensures slender shape. British - Photo of the Internet

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