The Mind Must Know How To Let Go, Life Is Happy, Life Is Natural

Want to become strong, need to learn how to let go. Because when you decide to let go, that moment, you are to have stepped up the happy path ... let go, it is freedom, it is from one or later noble

. In the heart is no longer heavy, the body achieves a quiet state in the middle of the year. Let go abandoned when I lowered my head, to see it clearly to walk. Many people realize, having too many things, are not pure things, not as expected, but don't let go
It is possible that they do not let go, eventually die because of the instance. Sometimes we bow their heads, it's to look clearly the way I walk. (Artwork) 2. Let go of the past past, your heart can receive new fun, can change your mood. Learning how to calmly recognize the truth, learn how to follow naturally, learn how to casually face all difficulties, learn to see life with a positive eye, learn how to look at every good place in life . Popular past, your heart can receive new fun, can change your mood.3. Let go of laziness to change the fate, the best know-how is to bring everything you do even normally make it mature. Always remind yourself that you move forward, you see fun, you are healthy, you will be good, you will have a cute life. Let go of self-sufficient "self-reliant" deleted from your dictionary, don't everyone become a great person? Perhaps that every person exists a strong inner
Therefore, trust yourself, determine your position, you can find this life value. (Artwork) 5. Let go negative if you want to be a successful person, it's best to try to step up, to make the positive part to defeat negatively, causing noble to defeat narrowly, making sincere defeating fake, making Kien Quyen defeated weakness, causing great defeating guava ... just praying, you can completely do everything well yourself. No one can affect your results, except you. In my war, you are the generals that rang the way! 6. Let go of resentment in luck with the equal to continue trying! All failures are the way to spread the way for success. Resentment and angry, can only be the steps of success. Let go of hate, the peaceful peaceful mind received failure. Resentment cannot change the situation, but continue trying to bring hope.7. Let go of the drill narrowly, the terrace is drilled. Tolerance is a German American. Tolerance of others, the reality is to grant your heart to a wide open road, it is also tolerant to yourself. Get a good understanding of love, it should not be weakened to guess, see clearly A road already, should also only walk away, don't turn around.8. Let go of nostalgia is still skeptical, working hard to work. Using people is not suspicious, suspected, do not use people. Do not take your skepticism to identify other people's thoughts. Do not be suspicious of others unfounded, otherwise it will affect long-term friendship.9. Let go away due to the instance of action, it is unlimited success! Identify the love, it should not be ignorant, seeing a road clearly, should also just know, don't turn your head. Immediately act, is the common characteristics of successful people. If you have any ideas, immediately take action; If you encounter a good chance, immediately grasp. Immediately act, success is unlimited! The space is limited, learning how to let go of nuisance, we can have more space to contain better things! Education and era newspaper

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