The Mind Of The Aged 30 Guy Who Is Pressured For Wife Is Stuck In The House Because The Epidemic Makes The Cdm Laugh At Tears

The disease could not go to work, stuck in the house, was stuck in the house, being relatively relative, the village kept married to make this guy feel dead. With many young people, after having a stable job, many of the people They encountered pressure on marriage. This originates from parents who want to see their children saddle. However, it is because of this that many young people feel anxious, stressed when they have to stay at home during this season. The principle of a 30-year-old guy who is pressured for wife is stuck in the house because the epidemic makes the disease laugh Going to tears here, on a fairly crowded attraction group, a name user said Ha was confided by her story

. It is known that this guy has reached the age of 30, because of the side epidemic, it is impossible to go back to his hometown to avoid translation. (Artwork) However, it is too much at home to be anxious , stress. The reason is because of 30 years old but H
A is still "air defense", no girlfriends, no plans to married. This makes the family, his relatives feel very worried and started to rendering. The confession of this user: "Men 30 and the pressure to get married ... allow you to claim me, acquaintance Ignoring because this is the main nick. It is called confessed or confessed, but I really pressed it too. I went abroad but because the disease should go home for 5 months. Only at home or walk around in the village, not where to go anywhere, then everyone knows it. Go ahead, my parents remember me but come back, my parents look bored
I'm not tasty! . Every day my parents also "wife, wife and wife". House, there are every I. Real headache. "The confide of this user makes many people sympathetic, many people laugh at tears. Indeed, with many young people abroad to work or establish a distant career, find sincere lovers, sympathizing with themselves are not simple. However, the general psychology of the parents will understand. As a parent, everyone expects his child with a stable job, soon saddle. (Screenshot) "I'm still tired now, but saying anything 30", the person who uses Tran Quan Writing. "I'm tired Fatty. I don't worry that the whole brothers, relatives, the neighbors are worried. At home is bored, drinking coffee for comfort is also asked to be married. ", User Pham Tuan Anh Comment.Nam Gender and Marriage Pressure! The male story has not been married, not having a girlfriend today also accepts the ax of public opinion as a girlfriend. Some boys delayed marriage because they focused on developing careers. When they will be more time to think, creatively with projects, the Start Up rather than being married with many worried things. Not to mention they have time to travel, play and satisfy personal interesting ... Another problem can mention that there are many gay boys, they have not wanted to publicize their affection Afraid the family opposes. Therefore, many guys feel tired, pressure because of marriage. Hopefully, parents respect their opinions and do not pressure marriage or childbirth. Instead of urging, forcing me, chat straightforward to understand your child more and whatever, respect the decision of the children.

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