The Ministry Of Defense Japan Accused Russian Aircraft Violations

The Ministry of Defense Japan said Russia's AN-26 military transport aircraft had twice the violation of Japanese airspace near Hokkaido Island in the north of the country on Sunday, Tass led the statement of the Japanese Ministry of Defense Indicates that <: 00/1: 14 male national defense Ministry accused Russian aircraft two violations of airspace over the weekend. Photo: Topwar Justice Ministry of Defense's press released later during the day including a photo taken from Japanese fighter aircraft escorting Russian aircraft out of territorial airspace of the country. The Ministry of Defense Japan noted that the aircraft went into the Japanese airspace twice within 30 minutes at the beginning of the Sunday's hour. According to Kyodo news agency, Chief of Japanese Cabinet Office Katsunobu Kato said, after the incident In the beginning of the Sunday, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on Russia to prevent similar cases in the future through diplomatic lines and offered the objections of what happened. At the same time, there is information confirming that the Russian aircraft is a civil aircraft

. There is information that Japanese jets have blocked and escorted Russian aircraft out of Japanese airspace. The Japanese room also announced that Tokyo is currently analyzing the civil aircraft violations of civil aircraft to find out why it is in a Japanese airspace twice. Russian officials have not reacted yet The violation is reported and has not yet clear the departure point and destination of the aircraft

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