The Ministry Of Finance Promulgates The Regulation On Management, Operation And Exploitation Of The State Budget Publicity

In Decision No. 1799 / QD-BTC dated September 16, 2021, the Ministry of Finance issued the Regulation on management, operation and exploitation of the State budget publicity (state budget). State. Process management, operation and exploitation of state budget publicly applied to units under the Ministry of Finance; Department of Finance of provinces and centrally-run cities (Department of Finance); Organizations and individuals who need to access, exploit and use data from the Public Gate of NSNN. According to the Regulation, for units under the Ministry of Finance, the Department of the State budget are responsible for public: Newspaper state budget status (contents, time, form) in accordance with the State Budget Law and guiding documents; NSN data provided to international financial and monetary institutions and partner countries according to Decision No

. 749 / QD-BTC dated March 7, 2005 of the Minister of Finance; Report on state budget for citizens; Articles / News related to the collection activities and buddy expenditures. The plan - Finance is responsible for public documents, figures and public implementation time for the budget estimation unit according to regulations In Circular No. 90/2018 / TT-BTC dated September 18, 2018 of the Minister of Finance amending and supplementing a number of articles of Circular No
61/2017 / TT-BTC dated June 15, 2017 of the Ministry Finance instructions on publicizing the budget for budget estimation units, organized by the state budget and according to Circular No. 61/2017 / TT-BTC. Finance of provinces and cities directly under the Central Government Responsibility to publicize documents, data and time to publicize the local budget and provincial budget according to the provisions of Circular No. 343/2014 / TT-BTC dated December 30, 2016 of the Minister of Finance Main guidelines for public budget publicity for budget levels, including: public documents and data on the local budget and provincial budget settlement decided by the provincial-level People's Councils. standard; Report on the public situation of the budget publicity, budget settlement of districts and agencies and units of the provincial level. How to submit public reports and regulations states, cases of direct reports On the public entriability port, the submitter the public report shall be logged into the state budget public gateway according to the account has been granted and submitted to the documentation and data on the public budget portal, the requirements for documents are forms Electronic Report. Combining data synchronization from public budget public entries on the electronic portal into the state budget public gate, the Public Report Payer performs a single update of the XML file The budget publicity category on the unit's electronic port / site on the public entrance gate of the NSNN. Then, the Public NSN will be automatically taken for the following states, in the case of port / information page The unit of the unit has a change, it is necessary to update the XML file path to the public budget port (applicable in the case of public category Two budgets on the unit's electronic port / page are subject to technical standards). Psitects of the state budget will automatically update when the submission of the public reports to publicize the budget on the ports / page of the electronic information of the unit. Document format, updated data on the public state The electronic report has a digital signature in accordance with the law (digital signature of the authorized person or digital signature of the agency, organization), Excel file format for data sheet, Word file format for With a text report and PDF file format for the decision of the competent authority on the public budget publicity
Regularly stated, for cadres and civil servants granted an account on the public gate Declaring state budget, not using the public entrance service login account is granted to implement non-scope and tasks assigned on the system; Enhance the performance, process, safety and security of the system and affect the accuracy of the data. Thánh, Civil servants are granted an account on the public state entrance to the state budget? system and software program development for non-regulatory objects; Do not provide others to use login accounts and passwords to implement operational systems on the Psitectural Portal System. For organizations and individuals to access, use and exploit data on the public gate. Declaring state budget, using the right data, do not use or provide false information for others to use. When citing information, the data must clearly state the source of information from the public budget portal. The Psong Psitecture Psitecte is specialized in the e-portal website of the Ministry of Finance, users of public state-owned people Download directly at https: // public or access the Ministry of Finance's electronic portal at and go to the "Public NSN" category . Psitectural Psitecture Psitecture Including the collection of state-owned state budget data in accordance with regulations and other socio-economic data are arranged and organized to manage, operate and exploit through electronic means . Public budget gateway is developed and implemented

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