The Ministry Of Public Security Warns Fraud From The ‘reading Experts’, ‘hotgirl Pruning Candles’

The Ministry of Public Security warns the signs of fraud from the objects claiming to read orders, hotgirl pruning candles, navigation people, inspirational people ... in the financial sector 4.0

.0: 00/3: 02Nam domain Namket 19-8, Network Security Department and prevention and control of high-tech use Ministry of Public Security broadcast warns about signs of fraud from the activity of binary options (Binary Option - Bo) On the network space.Theo, binary option trading is the form of financial investment, the transaction that buyers will predict the uptrend or decrease of assets such as goods, currency, neck votes, indicators .
. at the forecast time. If it is true, investors will be profitable according to the floor rate given; If the wrong prediction, investors will lose all the money for the transaction. The Ministry of Public Security warns a fraud sign from binary options. Photo: Recent times, many organizations and individuals in Vietnam to set up hundreds of binary options and referrals are products of foreign financial technology, mounting blockchain technology applications during Revolution 4.0, using communication tools, press to promote its products to make investors mistakenly imagined these floors in Vietnam. However, according to current regulations, Only credit institutions are allowed to carry out foreign exchange trading; The active binary options trading floors in Vietnam are not subject to considered and licensed. Large levels of boards are introduced by the subjects of foreign floors, licensed abroad but real The substance is that the floor is established and managed and operated by Vietnamese organizations and individuals, using multi-level business models to attract and develop the number of participants; For example, the active model of the floor: Wefinex, Raidenbo, Bitono, Pocinex, Deniex, Remitex, Ares Bo, Binanex, FXTradingMarket, Gardenbo, Hitoption ..
objects committed to profit with investors, divided Roses high when enticing new investors. When mobilizing the amount of money large enough, the floor owners will intervene in the price, adjust the victory to the purpose of appropriating the money of investors, or knocking the system to appropriate the entire amount of the head private. Regular objects create communication effects on social networks, claiming to be "commander reader, hotgirl pruning candles, chisel floor ...". Photo: FB with that, objects regularly create communication effects on social networks, to attract the attention of investors. Emerging in the past time, on cyberspace appears some objects self-proclaiming, such as "command readers, hotgirl pruning candles, chisel floor ..." These subjects claim to be experts , navigation, pioneer, inspirational people ... in the financial sector 4.0. The property is broker, often enticing, enticing investors to participate in the activities of the activities Bo floor. These objects often polish their images on social networks, are high-income people through investment in Wefinex floors and other exchanges in Wefinex's ecosystem such as Pocinex, Deniex, Remitex, Aresbo, Bitono ... Participants in the binary options trading platforms as mentioned above are at risk of losing money and assets. In addition, binary options trading platforms use virtual coins BTC, ETH, USDT to trade, so participants will not be protected by law when a dispute occurs. Prevention and fighting crimes using high-tech The Ministry of Public Security recommends that people need to be wary of not to be enticient, seductive to invest in the trading floors of binary options to avoid fraud. Winning property. Organizations and individuals do not advertise, brokerage, to hand over objects to carry out legal violations.T.Phan

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